Krasnodar Advertising

The concept of “advertising structure” brings together many of outdoor advertising, anything that requires the design, welding and assembly. Production of advertising structures – multi-process, it means the development of project, further development of the package of project documentation, direct production of advertising designs, expertise, and the subsequent installation and removal of advertising structures. Process begins with creating a single visual whole, computer modeling and computer image of his position on the ground. Followed by a stage design, material selection and costing. The presence of competent technical documentation – an indicator of good faith by the manufacturer, because the structure must be, above all, safe. Making an advertising structure in any case there should be “the eye”. describes an additional similar source. In Krasnodar advertising agencies offer a wide range of advertising structures.

Production of a standard type of advertising designs involves making entrances, friezes, canopies, light boxes, smaller pylons. Production of advertising structures “non-standard” type of an order of magnitude more complex and at the same time more effective, because such advertising structures have attracted much more attention. In the manufacture of advertising structures, nonstandard takes longer and is more difficult in terms of technology. Roof panel, or a dynamic advertising installation requires serious preparatory work, the study of the installation area, accounting for various loads. The complex preparatory work is compensated by the fact that the roof installation or advertising stele – a very effective advertising media, confirming a solid company image.

In Krasnodar developed system of advertising structures of small size. This production of volumetric letters with big neon lights. They also include LED signs and light boxes. Production of advertising structures This type requires accuracy, precision parts and specialized equipment. In Krasnodar, advertising structures are often mounted on tall buildings, so the installation engaged in professional climbers.