Large-Ceiling Systems

Suspended or, as they are called, hanging ceilings are widely used in the premises of various sizes and purposes. In this case, their use in buildings with large openings require a special approach to compliance with the rules security. For their performance in similar buildings used span ceiling systems that differ from the usual definition of design nuances. The grid is a panel or rack ceiling consists of the main and transverse rails, corner moldings and suspensions. Each element performs its function. The main load-bearing account for the main rails.

Transverse direction – these are additional elements of the system connecting rail carriers to form a module size. Suspension rods are made of thick wire and are designed to adjust the height relative to the ceiling of the concrete overlap. Also, they can be used to level uneven base ceiling and create complex multi-level coating. To make the suspension structure completed form applied moldings or near-wall corners, which are bent at right angles to rails simple or stepped form. Large-ceiling systems differ from conventional models, the presence of special bearing strips that are double the height of 75 mm and an edge rigidity, allowing to strengthen the design and make it more reliable. Such a decision is due to security requirements of the system: because those ceilings are often installed in public places with high cross-country, where every day there are hundreds of people. Profile span systems made of galvanized steel, and can be used for fastening heavier models ceilings. A special form of bearing rails suitable for create a smooth ceiling coverings, and complex multilevel structures, involving the presence of built-in lighting fixtures, decorative lighting, ventilation grills, etc.

Such suspension systems form cells in standard sizes, allowing to use various types of ceiling panels – be it a cassette or rack ceiling. In large areas look particularly impressive custom design solutions with application of decorative coatings in various colors, shades, and perforated models cassettes. With their help, the room can be divided into functional areas that will give the room a stylish, attractive appearance. Large-ceiling systems provide ample opportunity for finishing various buildings. However, their use is important to buy only high quality components, especially when it comes to frame. The slightest deviation from the production technology can lead to sad consequences, of which skewed the ceiling cover is not the worst. One of the reliable manufacturers, supplying the Russian market rack and panel ceilings, including a system for attaching them, is a German company Geipel. All manufactured its products are tested for load and strict quality control ensures aesthetically form, durability coating and its resistance to external influences. You can buy the ceilings at any retail outlet, which shows the company's products Geipel. Large-ceiling system from this manufacturer widely used in both Russian and foreign projects. With their help, has already been made finish of many buildings worldwide, and the design have been successfully operated for many years. The key to longevity systems is the quality of each component and the possibility of replacing the panels without dismantling the whole structure. Even in the event of damage to individual elements – which in itself is already neryadovoe event – they are easily disconnected from the suspension system and put in their place new, the same color or the same pattern of perforation. Years of experience, improving technology and the use of modern equipment enable the company Geipel from year to year only supply quality products for the creation of false ceilings of all types and configurations.