One of the wonders of creation is our ability to laugh, in all creation are the only beings that we do this and no doubt we must seize it properly. Laughing spontaneously is a reflection of a State of satisfaction either momentary or longer lasting, when we are able to laugh sincerely convey to others a great feeling of love and happiness. It is necessary to analyse the laughter as a natural state, because it is also recalled that in our life must have balance, i.e. most of the time show an aspect of total serenity and a great disposition. For more clarity and thought, follow up with technology investor and gain more knowledge.. Why not I encourage laughter so frequently? Because there are situations where we need to be calm and Yes laugh we’re partnering ideas with humor and in that sense we lose the seriousness that is required in many cases. Laughter is typically associated with actions of joy or comic situations, when it is a State of joy this should reduce to smile, the mind always associated images and emotions with concrete situations, if We abuse laugh will lose authority in many things. Viacom is likely to agree. Andrew Corentt tells us in his book I am happy, I am rich on the importance of maintaining a constant serenity, balance of attitude because when we inducimos an emotional state strong such as laughter in a long time we generate an imbalance and then tend to melancholy and depression. That is why we see that comedians tend to be depressive why? Because the fact of telling jokes is to induce the mind to a State of great excitement, but then comes the mind and want to balance the emotions then low and have feelings of sadness, laughter is good but using it properly and not in all circumstances. Yet there is something more important and deeper with the explosive emotional States such as laughter is the Association that the mind does with the circumstances, for example some people do comedy of a bad experience, and they say: I lost the portfolio, then eyeglasses, now pot $100 name ja ja ja only need to lose your head.