Marx Weber

In convergence terms, the exemplifica author some demands that can become, or that already they are common, between the social movements and ecological movements, that is, ' ' verdes' ' ' ' vermelhos' '. (p.61) Lowy points finally, some called movements in the Europe, South America and other countries ' ' ecology social' ' (p.62), that they fight for the progress, however of conscientious form, refusing ' ' the pollution and the destruction ' ' (p.64) of the nature in benefit of the capital. The author detaches the fight peasant, in its problematizador movement of the transgnicos and its possible consequences for the population. 3- For ecossocialista ethics. The capital is a formidable machine of reificao One is about an impious system, that launches the individuals of the disfavored layers ' ' under the deadly wheels of the progress, this car of Juguernaut. (p.67) Lowy brings Marx Weber in its workmanship ' ' Economia and Sociedade' '. It says: ' ' Weber deduces that the capitalist economy is structurally incompatible with ethical criteria The capital is intrinsically, for its essence, ' ' no-tico' '.

' ' (p.68) the capital is a formidable machine of quantification It submits the economy, the society and the life human being to the domination of the value of exchange of the merchandise, and its more abstract expression, the money. (p.69). The author brings a stretch of a critic of the capitalism (1847) on ' ' tempo' ' that this system brings: Time where the proper things that until then were communicated, but never changed; given, but never vendidas; acquired, but never bought virtue, love, science, conscience etc. where everything passed to the commerce. (p.69). Lowy also the English historian, Thompson that studied the first laboring reactions, popular peasants and, against the capitalism. It was the call fights for ' ' economy moral' ' , of which the modern socialism is inheriting.