MASERATI And Fashion Fair

Dusseldorf brand agency MEYER WALDECK advises the partner – now also VITRA and SONY at the ‘homebase’-the business of Dusseldorf can use new stimulus project on the occasion of CPD, the new model policy and strategy by MASERATI pays high attention to the fashion industry and fashion and supreme than premium fashion fair in a partner interested in with an image that suits the fair. Because I know the players on both sides and we both have experience in the automotive market, as well as in the fashion industry, was it merge into the hand of the interests. We have developed a concept that you liked both companies, and that has now led to the success and is being implemented. The fashion city Dusseldorf’s support”. Four days-hot spot with MASERATI power after an improvised precursor of homebase”in February already was a resounding success, brings the power of MASERATI the Central scene and media meeting, where it, missed at the last CPDs now correctly ride. In the foyer of B1 with a champagne tent before on everything takes place as MASERATI LOUNGE the Bennigsen square. In addition there is a MASERATI Club in the rooms of the supreme.” “Aline Schade of the supreme” is happy: it helps not only to us, but it is a clear new impetus for the site.

” VITRA and SONY inspired by idea of”the whole two more companies spontaneously inspired, to take part. VITRA supports the project with high quality designer furniture and also SONY mobile communications international neighbour by supreme”in the same House will participate. Details be worked out now. There will be a high-quality event, topped by a fashion night with trunk shows of the fashion agency ACO on Saturday, July 20.