School education should be eleven – mandatory. Read more here: Pete Cashmore. Abandonment of students in the second year for reasons of poor performance can not take place. Days of school hours are: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (am day just before 12:10, and from 12:20 – elective classes, each going for 20 minutes on Wednesday they were not more than 5), Thursday and Friday. Load Sabbath day should be evenly distributed between the available days of training, except for the sabbath. Each day the number of lessons can not exceed the threshold of five, and on Wednesday without fail there will be 4, given that students will approach the beginning of the second lesson. A common first bell will sound at 09:30, after which students will be more time to prepare for the sessions.

The second call (already working) should call the 09: 35. Duration of one lesson should be 40 minutes. Changes in 10 minutes, and after the third lesson for 15 minutes. On Wednesday, the length of lessons 30 minutes Change 8 minutes, change after the second lesson – 10 minutes. In the week should be: 2 Russian lessons (starting from the fifth grade), 1 lesson References (beginning with the fifth grade), a biology lesson (from the fifth grade), history (with the 5th grade) , chemistry (with the eighth class), music (it goes only up to 10th grade), work (it goes only up to grade 9), plotting (it starts with the seventh grade), 2 physical education lesson, a lesson (with first class) , 2 geography lesson (with a second class on the 10th), 2 lessons physics (7th grade), 2 algebra lesson in Mathematics (from the fifth grade), a geometry lesson (from the seventh grade), 1 lesson of Fine Arts (from the fifth until the seventh grade, inclusive), 2 lessons a foreign (to 5th grade) , 1 lesson gen (from 8th grade), Computer 2 classes (from 5th grade), 1 lesson mhc (with the 10th grade), 1 Lesson Law (10th grade).