Mobile Version

If you do part of the Group of the real entrepreneurs always you have to be aware of trends and new tools that will be used in the coming months. Perhaps your consumers are reporting new developments that are taking place in the industry and a sign that you have to follow a new trend, is when your same clients make you requests about what they want and what they want you to innoves. Today, and we believe that now everyone you know, smartphones, tablets and all mobile device are and will be taking the market throughout this year, so that your users will want to see, is probably an app, a mobile site or at least your appropriate Web site so that it can be viewed on a Smartphone. So then you want to share in a list of 10 tools that will be very useful to create or adapt your Web site and create apps for mobile devices. 1 iWebKit: this is a framework that will help you create your app for iPhone and iPod Touch. 2 MoFuse: A tool that you It will help to develop and build your mobile website. Its price is 7.95 to 199 dollars a month and includes features like reports of analytics, support for more than 5,000 different mobile devices, customer service, an administrator of QR and codes.

3. Winksite: This is a platform that will help you to create a web app to develop a community mobile from your Web site. It also generates QR codes. 4 MobilePress: If your site uses WordPress, this plugin will be of great help, because almost in automatic way will help you to develop a mobile version of your website. 5 Mippin Mobilizer: all you have to do is provide the URL of the feed from your site. configure some settings, create an account, install a code on your site and you’re done. In less than 10 steps you will have your website mobile. 6 Onbile: This platform promises that you will have your mobile site in 5 minutes or less.

It offers you a very friendly user interface so you can make it at that time. You can choose between 13 customizable templates as a point from home to design your mobile site. 7 Mobify: Mobify helps you create a mobile version of your website. If you have a store online or plans have some e-commerce, this tool includes a platform called Mobile Commerce that is specifically designed for these cases. 8 Wirenode: Brands like Reebok, Nokia and Ford used this tool, which is a generator of mobile Web sites and has helped more than 55,000 sites to create your designs for mobile devices. It includes a free plan that has a design editor, free hosting for 3 Web sites, statistics reports and more.