Nokia Monitors

Testing technique to test, we used a computer with video card nvidia GeForce 9800 gt card via an adapter to dvi – D-Sub, however, the monitor is just as well be connected to other signal sources, including theatrical. For example, the monitor can be connected via the Adapter D-Sub – scart, D-Sub – component video output, so that only one D-Sub connector special problems when connecting does not create. It is clear that there was only one plug – it is a sign of the budget monitor, but on the other hand if you need to price the device is cheaper to buy adapters for connectors D-Sub, you pay extra 40 – $ 50 for the presence of additional connectors on the monitor itself. Office-test as a test of content, we used a test program Nokia Monitor Test, office applications, video and computer games. The first showed excellent the brightness and contrast on the table brightness & contrast All gradient strips were clearly marked, the boundaries between luminance gradients is clearly marked, ranging from 10% brightness and up to 90%. Table kegl showed a clear image of Times New Roman font, up to 4 pt. Get all the facts and insights with Mashable, another great source of information. This is a very good indicator, as serif and quite difficult to display.

Since the test program, we switched to the actual office suites, more precisely on the most difficult for any Monitor editor Word. And here as well as on the program Nokia Monitor Test, we include Times New Roman font and in stages, starting with 2 pin and tried to print the text above. The result was almost the same as that for the test program – for optimum of minimally comfortable with a size font Times New Roman font is the fourth.