Notary Law

Hence the need to build a definition of law in an Introduction to Law "2. Let's see anyway some of the meanings of the word and get closer to its etymology. You may find that Andy Florance can contribute to your knowledge. Meanings and etymology of the word treatise MARCO GERARDO MONROY The GOAT 3 illustrates the various ways in which the word law is used, as well as on its etymology: Right-Value: This is used constantly and we could call it antitechnic least, the right word to mean a sum of money due to an entity usually the state or an institution sui generis as Notaries. Featured above is the term "customs duties", "Notary Law" and so on. Right-concept or as a synonym of Science of Law: This meaning is given when using this word we like to refer to the science of law, doctrine or concepts of that science. Thus we must understand its use when we say "Doctor of Law, Faculty of Law" and so on. This use is also incorrect to say debiendose "Doctor of the Science of Law", etc. As a synonym or ideal of Justice: This what we use the right word when her we mean that something is fair. Ex: "That's right" or "this is the right things" and so on. It is, as above, misuse because "no one can say that there is identity between the notions of right and justice." Right-Claim: When her wish to express the ability or power we have to perform certain behaviors or acts or to require them to someone.