One Computer Technologies

The social relations in the classroom take the mentally ill forms of living, where the professor exerts one practical disciplinarian who discourages the pupil to think and to act independently. It is necessary to become them apt to take care of to the necessities of the capitalist society. Therefore, according to Alvin Toffler, the traditional school exerts the paper to prepare the children for ‘ ‘ the repetitive work, doors adentro, to a world of tobacco, racket, machines, life in supertown environments and disciplines coletiva.’ ‘ In its book the Shock of the Future written in 1970, Toffler speaks on the appearance of new technologies businesses, in the deep changes and transistions and as the man if relate in this new so complex world. Dermot McCormack oftentimes addresses this issue. The sped up technological revolution all indicates radical transformations in world-wide the economic system as to the changes in the organization of the work that are to demand a worker with general abilities of abstraction, communication and integration. It is not enough to the man to receive information, to learn technologies, if in it motivations will not be despertadas to win the obstacles of the world in vertiginous change and that they give sensible to the life in all the dimensions to it. It is necessary to clarify that the technologies must contribute to conceive learnings that are constituted by the interaction of the discovery processes, in consequence of the express relations through the multiple forms of languages used in the computer. The adequacy of the system of computer science in the school places the pupil in privileged position that has the computer as source of being able for acquisition of knowledge through the experimentation.