Jerusalem Saturday

100,000 times imagine to try to protect something more grande". Emerson came up then that the attacks could be amassed. fires in Israel follow in investigation process. Until the moment one catched an Arab adolescent, who recognizes to have left " inintencionadamente" ashes without extinguishing after making a bonfire with its friendly. Nevertheless the subject is not clear, since the fires took place simultaneously in distant places of others. As it happened in Australia. The Israeli army reported to have descried a vehicle escaping of one of the set afire places, and the border patrol catched two Israeli Arabs who tried to at night catch fire to a forest near Jerusalem Saturday. The inhabitants of the Arab village of Furadis, to the south of Haifa, left to celebrate fires and made sound the horns of their cars in rejoicing signal.

A group related to The Qaeda, call the Muyajedines of Palestine, glorified the crime in his website that it urges to commit more similar acts of vandalism. Israel is the country that more trees has planted in the last decades. The trees are creaturas of God and like rest of the creation has a sacred look in the Judaism. The Judaism prohibits to destroy trees – avoiding certain exceptions only allows to prune them and to take its fruits after three years of them to have planted. From Biblical times the Jewish town celebrates Your Bishvat annually, the New Year of the Trees, following the lessons of the book of Levtico. To speak of the Israeli miracle that turned the desert into an orchard, sounds well-worn, but the Arabs yet their money, have not been able to do the same. Not even he interests to them to buy the technology to improve his habitat. They prefer to spend his million in arms and yijad, stoking the death. Where they are the protests of the ecological militants of Greenpeace? They will continue supporting his Muslim friendly? Which will be the action of that organization who kneaded million with noble excuses to save the whales, to take care of the flora and the fauna, to become one of the most radical arms of the extreme left? original Author and source of the article.

The Famous Parade De Accion De Gracias De Macys

In 1920, many of the employees of the Macys stores were immigrants of first generation. Proud of his new American inheritance, they wanted to celebrate the American festival with the type of festival that longed for of their European earth. The employees marched from street 145 to the 34 disguised clowns, cattle tenders, horsemen and sheik. Professional floats, bands and 25 alive animal yielded by the zoological one of Central Park marched past accompanied by a hearing by more than 250,000 people. The parade was everything a success. The great globes appeared for the first time in 1927 with Felix the Cat.

A tradition that comes by far is the liberation of the globes, that furrow the sky during days and the lucky person finds who them can demand a prize. During years 1930, the parade did not stop to grow. A population drowned by the Depression surpassed the million assistants in the 1934 parade. The new globes with the personages of Walt Disney became the favourites by the masses and the hearings of the radio could listen ceremonies and the arrival of Santa to street 34. The 1940 were witnesses of a suspension of the Parade since there was much no to celebrate during World War II.

In addition, it was not the moment for wasting helium and rubber. The Parade was started again in 1945 and was televised in New York. The Parade also began the route that does nowadays. With the arrival of the television, the Parade of the Thanksgiving day acquired a national reach in the decade of the 50. Also it happened to be an event of celebrities in which Sid Caesar, Danny Kaye, and Howdy Doody even made formal appearance. The Parade always has been known by its policy celebration " it rains or it does calor" , and by its brave effort to always recognize the globe designers. The most bittersweet year of the Parade took place in 1963 since one week of the murder of President Kennedy had not been marked nor, and the country still was compungido. But, it left for not " to disappoint to million of nios". In 1971, the wind was so hurricane that they had to cancel globes. The television spectators had to be satisfied to clasps in the Parade of 1970. In the decades of the 60, 70 and 80, appeared some of favorite globes including Snoopy, the Frog Gustavo and Superman. The Parade of the Thanksgiving day of Macys is a true New York experience that is magical for children, adults and for that want to make tourism in New York at this one time of the year. We want to be thankful to Macys by these photos and to wish many more years them of march by Broadway. Also it is worth the pain to remember that Thanksgiving is one of the jammed week ends more of the month in New York City, many tourists come to see not only the parade but many other attractions. It passes New York Pass to accede quickly to the most popular attractions can be really useful that weekend and save to the visitors hours of tails to buy the entrances. Original author and source of the article.


The social networks, at present, are classified like one of the communication channels more effective than it has in the history of Internet and has been a revolution concerning users, more than nothing by the information flow that is possible to handle between people and companies in fractions of seconds, but until where us they can assure these Web sites, that our information really is protected? Our personal data and photographies are really safe in a social network? In general scope, according to published information, there are well-known innumerable cases of fraud and of negligence by that one of bad praxis and the bad management of the information in sites of Internet, like we have seen very many denunciations of affected by this one series of situations, nevertheless, the applications spy, created by hackers, seem not to have control and in fact every day they reproduce at the speed of the light; for example, in the social network Facebook, several applications exist that are not trustworthy, we spoke from the configuration of privacy to a button of I do not like, created to be unwillingly with a commentary or a published photography, this one type of application is able to show from those who is been seeing your profile in you complete weeks, that have been able to see your photos and even know the time that there are been sailing in your site. Perhaps however, to the user, seems to him interesting to have a control of the people and/or companies that visit their profile, coverall when the task has been taken from of personalizing it so that it is more attractive or different from the rest, but how they accede to your profile deprived with this one type of applications. One of the most common ways is to copy and to stick supposedly low connections where the application, this way and through a computer science code hackers can later accede to the servant and to your profile or site deprived in the network; sometimes of sales of software for moving bodies with applications of X-rays gives to access to pornographic publicities MGP up for video cameras Also some other applications, perhaps most popular exist, than they work like sources of intelligence of confidential data for the publicity companies, and thus numbers of a 25mil have been obtained advertisers and some more, than have collected confidential information through these software. From Audea, we make a call to the reflection, giving know the damages that mainly cause this one bad use of the computer science resources that take advantage the technological evolution and the demand that this carries, in the youth that in many cases gets to be real victims not to have too much common sense. The penalties in which these facts considered like crimes come, are transformed into great amounts of money and create a bad reputation online that implementing a little conscience, would not be necessity to have. Audea Security of the Information Eugenia Moreau Department of Communication


Nowadays, more and more people come to understand the meaning of family. The Orthodox Faith explains that the family – a spiritual unity of two people, support each other in their love for God. Indeed, in the Holy Scripture says: "And God blessed them, and God said to them: Be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth and subdue it. " (Gen. 1628). It is therefore quite understandable that even couples who have lived together for many years, decide to marry. Entrenched in their desire to get married, you should ask permission from his spiritual father and his parents.

After receiving permission, it is best to purchase a bench in the church book, a detailed description of all preparations for the wedding and the Sacrament of the wedding. Of course, that would not be disappointed Suddenly there are reasons why you can not get married, you should ask your confessor – if there was anything that could prevent you from marrying. Here are some reasons due to which it is impossible mystery of the wedding: 1. Newlyweds do not reached marriageable age. 2. There is no mutual consent. 3. One or both of the newlyweds are not baptized.

4. If one professes another faith. 5. They should not consist of a close relative. 6. Must be mentally healthy. 7. If one still married. 8. If the age is one of more than 80 years. 9. If the first marriage is dissolved because of adultery and the second marriage was adultery. 10. Physical inability to cohabitation. After receiving consent from his parents and his confessor, the young should pass to preparation for the Sacrament of the wedding. The first thing you should do – is to ask whether you can get married in their chosen day. Then examine how and what should be done at the time the sacrament of betrothal and wedding. You should know that now immediately after the betrothal crown. Earlier time period could be for many years. What should I bring to the Church: 1. Certificate of registration. 2. Engagement rings (her husband passed – gold, while his wife – silver). 3. Do not forget to put an Orthodox crucifix. 4. Wedding candles. 5. White cloth or towel. 6. Icon of the Savior and the Blessed Virgin Mary. And of course, do not forget the ushers, who in the church hold the crowns over the heads of young, and after organizing festive feast. Newlyweds need to remember that the church constitution forbids to marry several pairs at once. Although there are violations, so be patient and wait, because you never give up in a separate sacrament wedding.

Building Foundation

Foundation – the foundation of your home, in fact, it appears the main support structure of the house. Bookmark With a solid foundation to begin any construction. Only able to provide a solid foundation to your home life Strip foundations are used in the construction of buildings with heavy walls (concrete, stone, brick) and heavy beams. Tape laying the foundations for all interior and exterior walls of the capital, with This cross-sectional shape is the same along the entire perimeter of the foundation. Strip foundations are usually built in two ways. In the first case (the base of small burial) ladle dredge or by hand in the ground digging trenches. Then, the side walls of the trenches is laid roofing felt (or other waterproofing material).

Then on the bottom of the trench backfilled sand and gravel, and then into a trench filled with concrete. In this embodiment, small amount of soil from the underground, provided for the engineering equipment is removed by hand. The second method of making a more traditional strip foundation. When the house provided the basement, first dig ditch, then made the necessary configuration formwork, which is poured concrete. The foundation is dumping sand and gravel. The foundation serves at least 30 cm above the ground.

You must perform a qualitative exterior waterproofing and interior vapor barrier (in the case of the heated basement). The above-ground part and underground part of the upper layer can be executed masonry brick, stone or concrete blocks. Outside, the foundation must be well insulated. Recommendations for the use of eco building strip foundation is expedient in the presence of a basement in the house (basement deep bedding). Dignity. Can be done without heavy construction machinery (shallow foundations). Disadvantages. Strip foundations deep bedding is more expensive. It requires sealing, insulation, increased attention to the elimination of thermal bridges. Requires protection against radon. Remarks. To improve the thermal insulation tape around the perimeter of the foundation of eco home runs horizontal insulation. Sometimes the foundation make void, and voids filled with insulation.

Kennedy Doralynn

There were some problems: 1) I had to advertise the site. 2) I had to bid on jobs. 3) The bids were as low as .25 for the reading test of 75 page e-book. and not 4) The reference site recognized my ID. Hmm. It seems that I had done it again. Error # 4.

Assembling simple circuit boards at home. The first problem I encountered with this was the time it took to get an answer to my original question. The moment I heard behind them, I had forgotten him. When I heard of them, a rate that time was needed. It was the same old story. Fee is required because not everyone is serious about this great opportunity. We must be sure that it is serious about this work. Well, I was serious, and I have shown by sending $ 49.

Five months later I received my circuit board … and a lot of other things … I could not identify even with the use of simple page set of 12 instructions. I understand a couple of things: 1) I had to supply my own equipment to assemble the circuit board, and 2) only one board cirucuit sent every 6 months. Since you only pay $ 1.25 for each assembled circuit board, which quickly came to the conclusion that getting rich was not going to mount circuit boards. It turns out that most jobs in the Assembly house are a scam. I only know of one who is not. Error # 5. HYIP's. At this point, I was desperate. I think that's why I fell for this scam in particular. I realized that they were a scam from the beginning? So almost the beginning. However, I decided I needed a strategy. Get in early? Leave early. I lost count of how much I lost with that strategy? But it was more than all combined. The truth is, all HYIP are scams that feed on greed. Stay away! Please! Now, after watching this, one would think that would have given up and gone back to work with their tails between their legs. No way! Do not give up. Good thing, because I finally did in making money? Enough to drive a bus stop. Now we just work from home. And surely win the rat race. Kennedy Doralynn


Just click on the picture and start downloading. Images will open in Corel program, they can be used for decoration of photos, creating greeting cards and collages by combining the image features. Figures in Korela can be stretched or compress without loss of quality, fantasize! And wishing to create beautiful images in the video tutorials Korela recommend Anton Myakotin. Quite a good thing. While I'm at work Korela ago. This is the first proramma, which I shown on the computer. And it was love at first sight! (I mean of course Corel) Yes, the tools Korela very much.

And a novice just walk over them already have a headache. And to understand all of the properties and do not get confused. And if layout professionalno.Tut do a lot of subtleties and its requirements. When beginning to learn just unfortunately I do not popalos.Prishlos video courses to decide everything at random. In the course faster, more efficiently, ponyatnee.Tem more from Anton is very friendly manner of presentation.

This raspolaget creativity. I make up, to be honest not much lyublyu.Risovat priyatnee.Vot is here too there are techniques and secrets. He even tells us how there Portet draw. And the main thing. He said as a professional, what and how to organize Korela in order to save vremya.Eto important! In general, information presented on the disc is clear, is available. And the most important lessons in a state neskuchno.Takie understand even a child. Or people just starting to learn the computer. Easy presentation will necessarily lead to a passion for this program. But for those who doubt the honesty of my review. Recommend subscribe to the page for Anton free newsletter lessons and personally around to make sure. Good luck!

New International Version

The case is linked to the exercise of authority, believing the announcement of the Lord Jesus when he said: "And these signs shall follow them that believe: In my name they will cast out demons … They shall take up serpents and if they drink any deadly thing, not make them damage "(Marcee 16:17, 18. Version) Settled in the granting of power and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ to his disciples, the young couple not only reprimanded but ordered that the presence of evil, to come out of that place. The calm returned to the house. The territorial domain Although many people are reluctant to accept it, Satan (the Hebrew that translates adversary Satan, and the Greek Diabolos, meaning accuser and slanderer opponent) and his demons exercised territorial control with the authority granted to it man's sin .

The Apostle Paul made it very clear when he wrote to the Christians of the first century: "For we wrestle not against human powers but against evil spiritual forces of heaven, which have command, control and authority over the world of darkness that surrounds us" (Ephesians 6:12, New International Version) Let me be three terms of the passage: command, control and authority. Whence derives the adversary such power? The sin of mankind. For this why someone redeemed by Jesus Christ, must rise in power and victory, exercising authority delegated to him, the Savior, as taught by the apostle: "Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you "(James 4:7, New International Version).


It is useful to recall that it was they came up with monotheism, the alphabet, wrote the Old and New Testaments, was given a whole galaxy of the prophets of ancient times to Jesus, and Christianity spread, and what is most striking, were able to survive as a people for 4,000 years. 3) All Semites are smart, so smart and Jews. At first glance, it seems. Civilization began in ancient Semitic states of Sumer, Egypt, Babylon, Assyria and Phoenicia. All the ancient wisdom has been concentrated in those states. However, they all froze in their development at a certain level and could not rise above.

Baton Civilization has taken up the Aryan peoples – the Greeks and Romans. Arab tribes, who created the gigantic empire of Islam in the VII century, is also nothing significant (except for proper Islamic tales "Thousand and One Nights" and Omar Khayam) in global civilization is not introduced. It turns out that the Semites in general, not smarter than the ancient Greeks, who are the founders of modern science. But Arabs in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia – the next of kin of the Jews. Consequently, the phenomenon of Jewish intelligence emerged only recently, after the separation of Jews and Arabs into separate nations. Stop! But in the Old Testament is described in detail how it happened division. And here I was – it is in Old Testament describes in detail why the Jews … smart BEING HERE 25 19 THE STORY OF ISAAC – Abraham's son – and about his descendants.


This paper is what are the consequences of a well-made tarot Chuck in person. A roll of the letters can lead us to a new state of self-knowledge, and a superior knowledge. The tarot is much more than a method of divination. It is a tool created over thousands of years of experience of mankind, where every civilization has used the tarot has added its own characteristics, which enrich and make it invaluable. The tarot is a witness of human history, and reflects the human soul, timeless features.

A roll of the tarot can be a great way to achieve a state of self-knowledge. The rituals of self-knowledge is present in almost all cultures. There are ways to access higher states of consciousness, to reach an understanding that is beyond the obvious. Thus, through a roll of tarot is possible to access data, insights and facts that are not obvious at first glance, incredibly helpful when it comes to knowing yourself. First, it is extremely revealing analysis of the sensations aroused the various mysteries that are revealed in the circulation of the tarot. What each of them is for us, and what is the feeling that they let us reveal much more than the simple interpretation of the figure itself. For that, it is necessary circulation of the tarot with professionals who can guide us in this knowledge, possess a natural gift of birth, such as tarot Rocio Meli and Carmen can teach consultants how these cards reveal that impact your life, what is the relative weight to these figures have and how they influence the existence of the client.

It is not unusual for a well done chuck moves the tarot consultant, and leave surprised with revelations about the significant people in your life who appear in the letters to be revealed. The circulation of the tarot can have a cathartic effect, ie help to get rid of the person, who must confront their own weaknesses, fears and traumas, without hiding place without compromises. The consultant should not be afraid of the truth, because ultimately, is for good. The truth of the words we hear in the circulation of the tarot is an excellent opportunity to discuss these issues that we usually keep well hidden in our hearts, but whose existence can only cause grief and pain. Do something for yourself, do a complete It's the best way to invest in yourself, in your own welfare. The benefits will be very large, and lead to be better about yourself, and the world around us.