Martial Arts

I would like to draw the attention of all people practicing aikido for one of the key issues of a proper understanding of which depends on the quality and speed of the learning process – how people should behave, which worked through technology? One of the main conditions for productive work training – Uke level must be below the level of Sita. Otherwise, Uke can slow down the process of learning Cite or, worse yet, will enter Cite misleading. The main role of uke in training – properly aware of the problem Cite at this stage and help to solve these problems. When Sita is working on a specific technique – Uke must attack every time one of the only concrete way, which is designed specifically worked through technology. And to do it but should be done every time the first time in his life – each time forgetting that the last time he was very painful and highly fall. I Uke, in this case – a challenge – to attack, not knowing what will happen next. Ironically, it is very difficult. Let us consider a few options for work on technique, and for a better understanding of the Uke's start from more advanced levels and will go to the less than perfect: The first embodiment of the technology – to attack Sita, he executes the technique.

In this situation of Uke does not require any understanding of the Cite. It should be strongly swearing, biting, and always try to resist the fall Cite in the face, and preferably leg. The second embodiment of the technology – Cite improving already well studied technique. His task in this case may include maintenance and use of basic engineering principles, work on cleanliness performance, work on speed, endurance and work on many other zadachi.Uke need to know to solve some specific problems Cite works and should give him the opportunity to experience their mistakes – correctly selected the response time, loss of central line, the lack of focused power, and so on. In short – do not throw – do not fall, not beat – not blocked, not blocked – Bey, do not lead – do not go. Again, one must understand that complicate the task of Cite must gradually, so that he could handle it, but do not give in to him, and forced to work at the limit. Purer and cleaner, quicker and faster, harder and harder, more and more.

A third embodiment of the technology – the performance during the study. When Sita yet he did not really know which foot to walk properly, and how there doing with his hands, Uke should make every efforts to help make Sita and remember the correct motion – to detain him if he moves incorrectly, go to where it should spend Sita accompany and monitor his every move. Observing these recommendations, Uke, even providing a reasonable resistance to the implementation of technology will never resist the learning process, in which, in fact, is partnerships Sita and Uke in training. Discuss

History Of Voting

Voting – method of decision-making group of people (meeting, the electorate), in which the general opinion is formulated by counting the votes of the members of the group. Such dry definition of this great speech can be found in Wikipedia. Why great you ask? There are a number of reasons. But first things first. Voting has begun development of a very long time.

The first mention of the voting procedure for election as related to ancient Greece. They really do not so often used, but the decision of the democratic assembly, including the fate of individuals, usually taken by vote. Meetings sometimes voted for it, to subject anybody to ostracism, that temporarily to expel him from the society, about how this happens in the House-2. Voting was carried pieces of broken pottery. Found many of these "ballots" to write on them the same handwriting by the same name that indicates the appearance already in those days of making the candidates on the ballot (though not for their election, and expulsion). The first mention of the voting procedure in the Roman Senate, in a letter to find a Pliny the Younger (105 AD).

However, Rome was remembered more by elections held in gladiatorial combat. Viewers used gestures to vote whether to leave the defeated gladiator to live. Thumb up meant life, his finger down the further development meant smert.Zasluga vote belongs to the European medieval religious orders, elect its own officers independently of Rome. Italian city-state had its own, no less elaborate voting procedures, among which the most famous Venetian Doge's election procedure. Voting is once again becoming the number one theme in democratic theory of the 18th century., developed by Rousseau and Condorcet. In 1787 and 1793. in the United States, France and Poland have appeared democratic constitution with an indication of the order of voting. Now the world is being debated on the possibility of practical implementation Internet-election and their safety for secrecy and authenticity of the will of the citizens resulting from such election rezultatov.Nesmotrya this, a number of countries such as Britain, the United States of America Estonia, have already used the technology of Internet voting in elections at various levels (from local to parliamentary). The most significant political event, which used the possibility of Internet voting, elections have become Estonian Parliament in March 2007. Opportunity to vote via the Internet benefited 30 275 people, which is just over 3% of all registered izbirateley.No we must not forget that voting is not only election people. This is an opportunity to express themselves on any issue. Express their position you will be able to When you visit the site you realize that there are very strange, interesting and unexpected polls and vote. And when you're in them pouchastvuesh you will see that the results can be very unpredictable. Voting here once and got the pleasure of viewing fun statistics, you will want to come here again. Answer honestly … The truth exchange for the truth. Do not think that it's just fun, remember the dead gladiators, priest, revolutions, and the Voice …! Used materials,, A Brief History of Voting

The Best Restaurants in Vienna

Terms of Russians visiting Europe are constantly improving, and European cuisine is winning the hearts and stomachs of more and more of our tourists. But Europe, even a single – this is not a country. And in every – their culinary traditions, tastes and preferences, to know that at one point in Europe is almost impossible. And yet, in Europe there is a city in which overlapped and complemented each other's best dishes, sauces and desserts surrounding countries. It's – Vienna, the city of waltz and Mecca of all true gourmets. In fact, the very situation in Vienna contributed to this city were concentrated most advanced ideas of science, technology, art and, of course, cooking.

Experts argue that the taste coffee in Vienna – a lost man, because he can never drink the drink, "dried out banks." They say even that there is a variety of Viennese coffee, while in Vienna he was not growing. However, we can talk of "variety" – in fact the real Viennese coffee has been around for more than three hundred years. So what? If you happen to get to Vienna, then let one of the poets, and said: "I drink coffee in Vienna – will be cursed!" – Viennese coffee in restaurants should try sure! But before the coffee, of course, you should eat. And here opens tremendous opportunities for true connoisseurs. You are waiting for food, worthy of the best restaurants in Europe, prepared by the original technology, and full assurance that by ordering a Viennese restaurant nokerln Salzburg, you will get the same nokerln, which is prepared at the Salzburg. The same goes for any meat or fish dishes, as Viennese cuisine – Focus the best dishes of European countries. So whether you want to rush in search of a better meal, when all you can find it in one place?

Choosing Furniture

The choice of a steel door entrance – it is responsible, since it will depend on its safety and comfort of your home. Therefore, in choosing the doors to be very thoughtful. There are several key points to want to turn their attention to later do not have to regret a purchase. The first step is to determine the order, whether you acquire a steel door on foreign or domestic producers. The cost of a good front doors of foreign production begins at $ 1000, while domestic counterparts are estimated at about $ 300. Agree, this price looks a lot nicer. The question arises as to domestic steel entrance doors – does not say whether the low price that they lose much Western counterparts? Fortunately, the answer to this question – no.

Today, the Russian domestic market is companies that produce doors with modern equipment and latest technology. Accordingly, the doors of these manufacturers or slightly better than imported from abroad. For example, all the above in full refers to steel doors, "Outpost", meeting the highest standards of quality. A big plus domestic and doors that are easy to order and receive an individual performance – the right size and design. Domestic company usually performs such orders in the short term, while imported doors, performed on individual needs, you can wait for several months. When choosing a front door in the first turn, is to ask the door construction. Today is a good front metal door, usually made of a steel frame with internal reinforcing ribs are also made of steel.

With one or two sides are welded steel plates. Again from the steel must be carried out door-frame, which is placed in the opening the door itself. Outside the door can be arranged in practically any material that can afford let her boss – wood, leather, MDF, etc. In the interior of the front metal door placed materials that are responsible for its sound and thermal insulation characteristics. Close attention to when buying the front door, of course, should be paid to the choice of the castle. Today, experts advise to install the door on the two locks of different designs. For example, one of the most popular models – the so-called multi-locks, "Tongues"-which crossbars go in 2-4 directions on different sides of the door leaf. In addition to it in accordance with the Recommendations in the Interior Ministry can also set the lock lever. It is important to choose the locks approved manufacturer as well as from them depends largely on your level of security. In particular, you can suggest time-tested locks Master Lock. For example, it is usually completed their entrance steel doors "Outpost". Needless to forget about such "trifles" as hinges, peephole, trim – the quality of these components also plays a significant role and should be considered when selecting a door. For example, the eye can be installed not only on standard, but also "children" height so that your child can see who rings the doorbell. You can also recommend buying the door with concealed hinges – in cases of attacks, attackers have to invent other methods, since access to the loops they will not do. Well, if we talk about design, but now domestic input and metal doors are not inferior to Western counterparts. Domestic manufacturers are constantly pampered us new products that meet all the latest trends or can bring your vision of an ideal front door, and fabricated it to order. We wish you a successful purchase!

The Planet Mars

The sun slowly sinks towards the horizon. Here it sunk elk for the distant forest. Gradually darkens the sky. Unnoticed for been burned one star. Then another. Them more. But here note one bright star.

All bluish, and it is reddish. Remember where it is visible, close to what the stars. At some distance from them. Look a few days. It turns out that the red asterisk crept away to the side, move las between the stars.

All the stars are fixed, but this walks . Its people have noticed long ago. Its color, it resembles a light or a distant campfire flames. Superstitious people in the red planet seemed offensive disaster. They were afraid of her and called Mars, in name of the god of war. The average distance of Mars from the sun 228 million miles, it's a half times greater than the distance of Earth from the Sun. Therefore, heat and light from the sun Mars receives less than the Earth. Let's look at Mars in a large telescope. On the surface are visible some spots. Dark. Bright. Maybe it's the sea, forests, deserts, mountains? What if Mars – is a whole new world? A whole new "Earth"? Far, far away, but close to us, like, clear. Mars – a little Planet. Its diameter at the equator is 6,780 kilometers, which is only twice the diameter of the moon. By volume of Mars smaller than Earth is almost seven times. At Mars has two satellites, two tiny "moon". They gave the name of Phobos and Deimos, which means "fear" and "horror". Mars is shrouded atmosphere. Martian air is much more sparse than the Earth. And the composition is not so. There is almost no or even not at all the oxygen we breathe. It's cold on Mars, or hot? In the hot spot of the planet, at the equator, summer at noon is usually around 25 Celsius. But this afternoon. Mars does not know the warm evenings and soft summer nights. Stands where the sun sink toward the horizon, it becomes colder. At night comes the frost, so what! Even on the equator at night the temperature falls to a hundred degrees below zero! Why is this happening? It turns out that this happens because of the thin air. After all, "blanket" for the planets is the atmosphere. Day of the solid surface is heated sunlight. At night it cools down. And if the atmosphere is dense, like Earth, it is like a thick quilt envelops her. Atmosphere and trapping heat near the Earth. The Martian atmosphere is also due to the sparsity can not retain the heat from planet's surface. Duration Martian days 24 hours 37 minutes, almost the same as on Earth. On the surface of Mars are dry arid desert. But if there is any life, recognize only the first interplanetary biological station, which will travel to Mars. Automatic stations specified density and composition of the Martian atmosphere. The scientists found that Mars is more suitable for settlement than Venus. Rarefied atmosphere, low temperature, a small amount of moisture – all, with what face on Mars settlers from Earth, and overcome the current level of science and technology.

Plasma Screen

Plasma TVs have appeared recently. But this did not prevent these electronic devices to win the hearts of buyers. And not for nothing. The main advantage of plasma screens – a little thick. In this way, they can hang on the walls and any other plane. In our small apartments it helps acquire more space, "air". Image of plasma screens do not flicker, but it means that the eye strain decreases and they are less fatigued.

Sharpness of the image equally across the field. Complements it all, great visibility from any angle and high contrast images. Plasma panels do not have X-ray radiation and because of this there is no negative impact on health. The largest size of the screen diagonal mark in the long-jumped 60 inches, and thickness of panels is becoming smaller. Now the image on plasma screen considered the most vivid and contrast.

In the early 60's a small company in America began production of plasma displays. But then they are very expensive and the cost reflected the only two colors. Career took off plasmas began in New York Stock Exchange. They needed the big screens, so that more people could see the change of stock price. Improved technology, increased quality and increasingly developed an interest in plasma screens. And what is the difference of plasma lcd tv? In lcd monitors, black color looks more like dark gray, but not perfectly black. It comes from the fact that they contain lamp to illuminate the matrix to colors were more vivid. It blurs the blue-black. Plasma TVs have no backlight. Each cell in the matrix of lights. Therefore, black – it's black. And the 'plasma' and the lcd have comparable periods of work, an average of 40-60000 hours. In soon to be released new television sets, which differ from the plasma or lcd models. They are based on so-called technology of color lasers. They will be much smaller, and more importantly, a bit cheaper widescreen models using plasma. I wonder if they can reach such a high popularity as plasma screens? Source: Absolute Audio

Fabric: Synthetic Fibres

The basis of all the tissues are fibers. They differ in composition, structure and, therefore, properties. Properties of fibers are also reflected in the properties of the tissue. There are two kinds of fibers: natural fibers and chemical fibers. The main indications for the classification are: the chemical composition of fibers and their area of origin.

Chemical fibers in 1890 in France in Besancon was organized by the world's first chemical (Artificial). It was based on the processing solution of cellulose ether (cellulose nitrate) used in industry for obtaining smokeless powder and certain types of plastics. Chemical fiber – fiber Artificial or synthetic origin. Such fibers are made of various chemical compounds. Chemical fibers, used for the manufacture of tissue, similar to a natural, vary in composition, structure and properties.

Subdivided chemical fibers into two classes: artificial fibers and synthetic fibers. Artificial fibers derived from natural macromolecular compounds. Raw material for such fibers are polymers, naturally occurring in finished form (cellulose, proteins). Manmade fiber is a thin continuous thread. The fabric of this yarn has a flat smooth surface with a clear picture weave. Of synthetic fibers produce materials: acetate, rayon, staple, modal. These fabrics are pleasant to the touch, long stay dry and have excellent breathable properties. Today, thanks to the latest technology, fabrics of artificial fibers, not only did not concede to their physico-chemical and operating properties of natural fabrics, but are they a worthy substitute. For synthetic fibers include: – Hydrocellulose: viscose, lyocell and copper-ammonia – cellulose acetate: acetate and triacetate – Protein: casein and zeinovye Viscose and acetate fibers – a man-made fibers of vegetable origin, derived from cellulose or cotton waste. Synthetic fiber – fiber is extracted by the synthesis of natural low molecular weight compounds. These fibers have a chemical composition similar to that does not meet among natural materials. Synthetic fibers are produced by the synthesis of natural low molecular weight compounds (phenol, ethylene, acetylene, methane, etc.) as a result of the polymerization reaction or polycondensation in the main of refined petroleum products, coal and natural gas. Polyamides, polyesters, poliakrilnitrilnoe – all synthetic fibers. Nowadays, thanks to the use of advanced technology, synthetic fibers give more and more quality, for example, using methods of chemical or mechanical processing. The most popular fiber such as nylon, acrylic, polyamide, polyester, spandex, lycra. Development of industry resulted in excellent consumer quality synthetic fibers that are even superior to natural ones. All modern synthetic materials have such valuable properties as quickly absorb and condensate, moisture from the body surface. Achieved such an effect or due to the structure of the fibers used, or by a special weaving yarns. In addition, modern synthetic materials dry fast, very strong and durable, light, almost rumpled. Practice has proved that the wearing of synthetic fabrics can improve human performance in extreme conditions. To synthetic fibers include: – carbochain 1.Poliakrilonitrilnye (nitrones, Orlon, acrylic, kashmilon, Courtalain, dralon, volpryula) 2.Polivinilhloridnye (chlorine, barn, Vignon, rovil, teviron) 3.Polivinilspirtovye (Vinola, mtilan, vinilon, kuralon, vinalon) 4.Polietilenovye (Range, daynema, tekmilon) 5.Polipropilenovye (gerkulon, ulstren found, meraklon) – hetero 1.Poliefirnye (dacron, terylene, dacron, teteron, Elana, tergal, tesil) 2.Poliamidnye (nylon, nylon-6, Perlon , dederon, amyl, anid, Nylon-6, 6, Rhodia, nylon, niplon, Nomex) 3.Poliuretanovye (spandex, lycra, vayrin, Espa, neolan, spantsel, vorin) When mixed artificial or synthetic fiber cloth acquires additional properties: elasticity, elasticity, strength, heat resistance, etc. Woven fabrics of artificial, synthetic fibers and their blends are used as camouflage fabric, fabric jackets, fabric blends, textiles sumochnye, awning fabric, fabric for sportswear clothing, fabrics for overalls, etc. Of these, sew casual wear, corporate and protective clothing, clothing for outdoor activities and sports.

Operating Engines

By the nature of activity I have to answer many technical questions. So as not to waste my time henceforth begin to publish an article on jamz engines, their design and operation. ymz powerful, reliable and easy to use, but remember that the life of any technology depends largely on the regular and thorough care for her. Proper operation of the power unit and long life are in direct Depending on the culture of exploitation. Before use carefully read the manual that came with each engine.

It is very important to observe the rules of operation by running a new engine, as this period there is burn-in of the rubbing surfaces. It is also necessary to use fuels, lubricants and fluids designed specifically for this engine. Before starting the engine after the oil change, Oil filter element, long-term (5 days or more) parking lot, replacement or repair of assembly units and parts, install the bracket stop to position and feed off within 10-15 seconds of cranking crankshaft starter motor. If oil pressure is – you can start the engine, in the absence of – start to repeat after 1-2 minutes. After starting the engine should run at idle speed not exceeding 1000 min-1 but not more than 5 min. After start warming up the engine to operating temperature 75-90 C to produce under load, you should not warm up the engine, allowing his long work at the minimum rotation frequency of idling. Once the engine will respond to changes in fuel and brake system will ensure the normal working pressure, gradually increase speed to medium and start working traffic at lower gears.

Artificial Stone

Artificial stone acrylic-based – a unique material that appeared in the middle of last century through the efforts of the company'''DuPont (U.S. ).''' This material was called – an artificial stone''' Corian '''and artificial stone Montelli . Later, Technology of artificial stone began to use the South Korean corporation: Department of Samsung Cheil Industries Inc and lg . Company Samsung named her material – artificial stone Staron , in addition to the market by withdrawing separate series of artificial stone called Tempest with surprisingly beautiful texture, owing to the presence of stone particles. Company lg introduced the world to man-made stone Hi-Macs . About remarkable properties of artificial stone is said and written quite a lot. It makes sense to talk about articles of artificial stone, the spectrum of its applications and new opportunities that this material is provided.

And he gave much, and above all an alternative to natural stone, wood and plastic, which are sometimes (due to lack of necessary physical properties) could not satisfy the growing demands of designers, builders and ordinary citizens field of interior design your home office. For products made of artificial stone Corian , Montelli , Sraron , Tempest and Hi-Macs , which are now popular in the market can be safely attributed the following products: kitchen countertops, worktops for bathrooms, tops for dining tables, window sills, as a simple linear form, and the bay, tops for bar counters, reception desks, counters for protection. Have become increasingly popular and washing sinks are made of artificial stone, which are integrated into the countertop, giving the latter additional charm and solidity of the structure as a whole. Wall panels, aprons for kitchen countertops made from this material are excellent an alternative to ceramic tiles and tiles. Artificial stone can be made in any size and shape, thanks to technology, seamless connectivity and Thermoforming (the ability to change the artificial stone shape when heated). Rich color palette of artificial stone of the above brands, allows manufacturers of products embody the most ambitious design ideas, up to the use of technology marquetry (Encrusting the surface of the product – an artificial stone of various colors and shapes that form a pattern). Relatively recently, manufacturers of artificial stone replenished their collections new series of photoconductive colors, which also found their customer.

Products made from a stone, can be illuminated from within by creating exclusive elements of the interior of any room. As an epilogue, we can say that technology is not standing still. Perhaps in the near future to replace the artificial stone will come more progressive material, products of which will become more practical. But in any case, today, the product of artificial Stone has praised among professionals and consumers.

Unique Content

Rare commercial entity or a private entrepreneur today have no web site. That site is the placement of effective advertising, products, services, and a simple window on the world. Development site – a process time-consuming, creative, but at the same time the most difficult. Placement site at the isp, this is not a guarantee of success. For efficient operation of the Web site requires attendance of that resource, which is directly depends on the search engines and not only. Crucial role played by unique content.

These can be texts, videos, photos and other products that fill the site. To create unique content, you need Creative Writing text part, performed by professionals. Unique content is free from plagiarism, and is very well regarded by search engines and generates the target audience. If the main aim is to achieve maximal performance, such as thematic index of citing tic and page rank 'PR', then the question can be solved completely by other methods. Unique content, obtained using text generators, may well be perceived search engines, but its readability is poor, and the semantic content is not tenable. Time on the correction of texts by and large can not be described effectively spent.

Certainly, Writing in this plan is preferable. If we consider that the algorithms of search engines are constantly improving, the cases of 'glue' generated articles are guaranteed, and the expected end result is highly questionable. This unique content is generally used on the satellite sites. It was there that hyperlink on the main site. This technique in combination with registration in catalogs, certainly provide positive result.