Child And Nature

Child and nature Today in the century XXl, the concentration of the children this each shorter time, the stimulatons are many, as: computer, TV, video game, and other technologies that attention of the children harms. The contact with small animals, as ant, fish, turtle, ducks, birds, helps the development of the child, to also understand the part of cleanness and feeding. The professors and the parents can promote some activities ecological. To follow the growth of the sufficiently interesting plants constitute experience, to teach as to water, to verify the presence of plagues, thus it helps to have more knowledge of preparation and collective plantation of one horta in the external space. We can speak on the nature in musics, games, tricks, histories, it dances traditional, it favors more curiosity for child. They are forms to demonstrate as it is possible, to change the destination of the things with a useful production. The fact is that the nature must be part our daily one, contributes for maintenance of the balance of the environment.

The people who if interest for the nature if become a richer person, the integrity with the nature normally are calmer, therefore when it observes, the beauty of the ecological park the person if feels lighter and without negative thoughts, who it feels when this in an empty place without ecological structure, flowers, animals, without nature. With all this tranquillity that the person starts to have, it passes to the child more confidence and interest in the subject. Who is not worried in teaching what it is nature, and as we must take care of of it is because it has fear to inside assume its role of it. The consequence that if draws out for much time. In the nature exist laws that must be fulfilled, therefore the reality of the wild life are sad, nobody respects more, and when the nature if to disclose? it does not pardon? , and it is our responsibility to give to a better future pra our children. Thus we can acquire a better future. To consider to the child the cooperation as challenge, of form that it it recognizes its limits. You the world must have source of information valuable on the child and the nature in the process to learn. By means of problems that are at the same time challenging and possible to be decided.


The word Angel, comes from Greek ngelois, that means nuncio, messenger. The Muslims admit angels of both sexes, and think that each man is accompanied by two by them observing his behavior. The catholic doctrine, about the existence and nature of Los Angeles, was defined in IV council of Letrn in 1215 and of the Vatican. According to these declarations, Los Angeles exists, was created without spots and enjoys complete espiritualidad, that is to say subsists indeed like the soul, without needing a body. Santo Toms maintains that they were elevated to the participation of the gifts on natural, right away in whom were created.

No angel is equal to another one in the grace degree, as they are not it in the one of nature. For the Los Angeles catholics they are aids of the Providence in the government of the world. Between the catholics the belief is professed of Los Angeles of the guard for the people and the towns; also angels exist who accompany to souls in the final judgment. Atengoras says that there are angels in charge of the regular operation of the sky, the Earth and all the natural elements. The supranaturalistic protestant theologians, who like those of the reform admit the existence of Los Angeles (by respect to the Bible) exclude, them from all intervention in the government of the souls and towns relegate and them to stars. The materialistic and rationalist schools reject modern them like incompatible with the science and the discovery of Coprnico.

In century IV, the council of Laodicea, declared that many Christians with the pretext to honor to Los Angeles they left the church and they left Christ. Reason why this cult does not begin seriously until half-full of century III. San Ambrosio was one of the impellers majority. In the Greek churches he was where angelolatra reached its greater extension. The germanic calendar mentions eight angels: Miguel, Gabriel, Rafael, Uriel, Malthiel, Zadkiel, Peliel and Raziel. In the present catholic litanies are invoked arcngeles Miguel, Gabriel and Rafael, after the Virgin; and in the old invocations of Egyptian origin the names of Los Angeles consist immediately after the Trinidad. Here you will find articles of quality verified for the care of the Body, the Mind and the Spirit; besides other sections like being: Sports, Entertainments, Computation, Health, Painting and more.

Luciana Martins

My children, who are a blessing in my life. I thank my mother, Geralda, the Marli and the Pedrinho, because without them this dream would not be had carried through. To the users of the PSF Pink Juca, for the attention and availability for collection of data. The Patrician one Would function of the laboratory of computer science for the ability and availability. The Luciana Martins, for the friendship and the moments of descontrao.

At last, to that they had crossed my way and they had shown to me to be possible. WOMEN Women fight day the day in search of its space that was invaded to them. Warlike, blessed women for God, use its sovereign force to always continue of open eyes ahead of the difficulties. Women who wake up early for plus one day of routine and still have time pra to speak with God. Women who generate lives, that donate to its proper life for a son its.

Women of strong personality, who do not leave themselves to lead for standardized ideas of men who want to them to dominate. Women of inabalvel faith, whom they search to each day to walk in the way of the perfection. Women who dream, that they search and they want transformations. Courageous women who fight for freedom; they raise the flag of independence and continue of heads raised. Women who do not have fear to make a mistake, that the all instant is learning with its imperfections. New women who search horizontes and are always conquering victories. Open women of proper ideas and minds to the knowledge. Women who are always renewing its concepts and leaving stop backwards what more does not serve them. Women who in them fascinate with its talent and creativity. Women who do not measure efforts to go to the meeting of what she builds its life.

Real Cultures

As the production and the consumption now they are mundializados, asgrandes corporations are gifts in almost all the places of the planet, acting as a great system, where the types, intensities and directions occur flows of all. In this conjuncture, telemtica16 acts of form to provoke alterations in the prticasculturais, in an attempt to more unify the diverse existing cultures in ummundo each globalizado day, therefore, independently of the localizaogeogrfica, computer science influences in the processes of diffusion of the information. Noentanto, such technological advances also provoke spalling, causing adiferenciao between the spaces and cultures instead of becoming them equal. Concomitantly to these new technologies of information, the media, of modogeral, acts as agent of first largeness, spreading out customs and cultures, as the call ' ' consumismo' '. In this direction, now we are in umtempo that it is of the television and the telerrealidade, where the cultures tend to aextrapolar the immediate Real, here now, emerging in the flow of a tempovirtual, of virtual images, consolidating the advent of the new technologies decomunicao. In this boarding, these novastecnologias of the information tend to lead to the formation of a new society deconsumidores, of citizens that bind its terminals to consume informaesinsignificantes or information on merchandises that could quickly be consumidasmais, being that also if it can adquiriz them with the minimum of effort. Had to this new configuration, Oak & Kaniski (2000), when analyzing the Sanchez Gamboa, notice that: The nosprocessos used information productive, in the taking of decisions, the generation of new tecnologiasso rigorously controlled. However, the information that generate dispersion, confusion, distraction, amusement, leisure or propagate a way of life, desmobilizadoras ideologies and fantasiadas conceptions of the world sodemocraticamente divulged (p.36). Of this form, to the speech of anlisesacima, we understand that in they disclose that the information to them of life styles generally estocarregadas, of vision of world, ideologies, values ede contravalues.

The Screen

204). In the end of century XX &#039 appeared the book; ' virtual' ' that is presented in an electronic support virtualiza, the computer. The sprouting of the Internet brought a new not-book or book paradigm, as object the book did not move very with the time, the stability of it is as much that although the changes and its disposal in the Internet, the screens show ' ' pginas' ' , standing out the relation between the two languages, the printed and technological. In accordance with Chartier (1999), mentioning the electronic book to it, the revolution of the electronic book is in the structures of material support or the writing as well as in the ways to read. As it affirms the cited author, this new book model transformed the relations sensorial, important elements in the reading process. However, the screen of the computer does not make possible the manuscript, as the traditional book, does not have plus an affective relation as if it kept with the book printed matter, in this new modality only the vision acts exhaustingly.

The new context of reading, transistion of the page (structural unit) for the screen (secular unit) implies new cognitivos processes, new ways to read and to write, a new letramento: digital letramento, that is, ' ' state or condition that acquires the ones that if appropriates of the new digital technology and exerts practical of reading and writing in the screen, different of the state or condition of the letramento of that they exert practical of reading and writing in papel' ' (TO SOUND, 2002, P. 9). Ahead of ' ' revolution tecnolgica' ' we live deeply a new panorama of the information that demands a skillful reading formation to follow the rhythm with that the information is spread through the social nets, the example of twitter, facebook, orkut as salient Darnton (2009, P.

Sound Gracious

A gracious dream is that one in which the dreamer realizes which this dreaming. The gracious dreams can be so real that they can be considered ” visions divinas”. This it is a phenomenon studied by the universities but prestigious of the world and inclusively machines have been developed to induce them. He is doubtless that these machines work, because the scientific studies have confirmed therefore it, but those devices are generally quite expensive and have the disadvantage of which they cause inconvenience when sleeping. Also the technique can be learned to produce them and is enough.

From the procedures mentioned in the bible, to those of chamanes, etc. But these methods they require time enough. As to obtain a dream shone without machines and in just a short time? How to obtain a dream shone without having deep knowledge of its operation and safe form? YOU CAN HAVE A GRACIOUS DREAM THIS SAME NIGHT. Perhaps it seems to him something impossible because if you this reading this perhaps have realized of which to obtain this requires time enough and practices. That is well certain. By halves requires enough time if it is not counted on the suitable tools. What you must know you are that there is a certain state of the brain, but indeed, of the cerebral waves, in which the gracious dream takes place naturally. This S-state so elusivo that to obtain it takes it pulls and inclusively years, if is not counted on an accelerator.

Luckily for the man (or woman) western, science makes its available but the modern technology that allows that you reach that state of his brain in 8 minutes or less. It is not mystery, nor mysticism, are not supernatural capacities. It is only science. Science outpost, but after all science. This science is acoustic science and with her you will be able to have his tonight first rich onrica experience. In you you will find the form to obtain gracious dreams right now, as well as to obtain deep states of meditation, to overcome the depression, to increase its energy, etc.

Armed Forces

– First of them it is basically oriented to obtain the fortification of the military institution, anticipating for it the increase of the military units in all the Country. It also looks for to optimize the processes of qualification and preparation of the regular troops and to increase the one of the battalions of reservists. Additionally it inquires the possibility especially of determining possible theaters of operations in the different regions from the Country in the border zones with Colombia and Guyana. It also has as objective the impulse of the processes of recovery, renovation and update of the arms and equipment for the different branches from the FAN, processes that are marked by the technological advance in the acquired material. The doctrinal aspect has anticipated the establishment of new norms and directives that reconstruct the military activity based on a preventive and essentially dissuasive scheme, driven through a process of ideological reconversion of the officer corpses and sergeant major, initiate in the centers of military and continued formation in the bodies battle, establishing in this way a particular notion of the concept of integral defense.

The identification of alternative markets for the acquisition of material and warlike technology, as well as the development of the national war industry has been also a proposed objective, and largely obtained, with the escogencia of the new military suppliers. In this sense agreements with Russia have been signed, China, Iran, Spain, Brazil, among others. – The second strategy looks for the consolidation and deepening of the union between population and Armed Forces, with the intention of designing attachment lines that fortify and increase the state levels of citizen security and the hand with mayorships, governments and other organisms. – The third strategy is directed to deepen the work of the FAN in the social missions in which it participates, to educate and to sensitize to the population on the advantages of the civic-military unit, to progress in the fight against the poverty and to integrate to Armed Forces in the local and regional development. Similarly and from the drawn up strategic lines, the possible scenes of conflict for the FAN within the asymmetric concept have projected military, where the military actions with the policies would be combined, implying for it to the civil populace, through the battalions of reservists, using as well average and nonconventional methods and prolonging the conflict by means of a clandestine war of wearing down, against an enemy more good equipped, all the previous one in the application of the theoretical postulates enunciated by the Colonels of the Chinese Popular Army, Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui, in its work " The War Without Restricciones".

The new Venezuelan military doctrine, this then directed to look for that to medium term, the FAN not only of the best one are equipped, armed and trained to Latin American level, but also, of the best one prepared to endorse a government with pretensions but that certain to become an influential power at regional level. The question that arises here is like Colombia and in particular their FFMM- would be prepared to respond to that pretension. Erich Saumeth C. Ms Original author and source of the article.

Green Dream

They are actions that can effectively be materialize in the practical one, however, depend on the will politics and the world-wide, national, municipal agencies, of the organized society and the individuals. Action as: to protect, to keep, to preserve, to recoup and to prevent the environment of the ambient degradation caused by the negative action of many individuals; to manejar of responsible form the natural resources; to support measures of conservation and preservation of the nature; to reduce the indices of pollution and devastao; to reuse and to recycle materials; to invest in the studies and research on the support; to use science and the technology in favor of the sustainable development; to distribute the wealth equitable, to protect and to conserve the natural reserves as form to preserve biodiversity and to guarantee the sustenance of the future generations must be incorporated and be practised in the daily one of the people. In relation to the main problems that the Land division Green Dream presents, the parents had answered: ' ' to leave the children in colgio' ' , therefore the two schools that had been created are distant, situated in the Cajupiranga Land division and many have that to follow the passage to the foot; the land division is ' ' distant of the centers of sade' ' (the only rank of health that the quarter also possesss is placed in the land division to the side, being of difficult access); ' ' it lacks to sanitation and stone pavement in ruas' ' ; ' ' the alternative ones do not pass in ruas' ' ; ' ' they lack to colleges pblicos' ' ; ' ' it lacks stone pavement, sanitation, and the public transport also is not bom' ' (Line 6? Interbairros, that makes the line Parnamirim – Pirangi of the North, does not enter in the land division); ' ' inexistent pharmacies; commerce insuficientes' ' ; ' ' it does not have public telephones, nor ranks of sade' ' ; ' ' baldios&#039 has garbage in lands; ' ; ' ' nibus&#039 does not have post offices nor; ' ; ' ' the access to the center is very difcil' ' ; ' ' it lacks policiamento' '.

Jerusalem Saturday

100,000 times imagine to try to protect something more grande". Emerson came up then that the attacks could be amassed. fires in Israel follow in investigation process. Until the moment one catched an Arab adolescent, who recognizes to have left " inintencionadamente" ashes without extinguishing after making a bonfire with its friendly. Nevertheless the subject is not clear, since the fires took place simultaneously in distant places of others. As it happened in Australia. The Israeli army reported to have descried a vehicle escaping of one of the set afire places, and the border patrol catched two Israeli Arabs who tried to at night catch fire to a forest near Jerusalem Saturday. The inhabitants of the Arab village of Furadis, to the south of Haifa, left to celebrate fires and made sound the horns of their cars in rejoicing signal.

A group related to The Qaeda, call the Muyajedines of Palestine, glorified the crime in his website that it urges to commit more similar acts of vandalism. Israel is the country that more trees has planted in the last decades. The trees are creaturas of God and like rest of the creation has a sacred look in the Judaism. The Judaism prohibits to destroy trees – avoiding certain exceptions only allows to prune them and to take its fruits after three years of them to have planted. From Biblical times the Jewish town celebrates Your Bishvat annually, the New Year of the Trees, following the lessons of the book of Levtico. To speak of the Israeli miracle that turned the desert into an orchard, sounds well-worn, but the Arabs yet their money, have not been able to do the same. Not even he interests to them to buy the technology to improve his habitat. They prefer to spend his million in arms and yijad, stoking the death. Where they are the protests of the ecological militants of Greenpeace? They will continue supporting his Muslim friendly? Which will be the action of that organization who kneaded million with noble excuses to save the whales, to take care of the flora and the fauna, to become one of the most radical arms of the extreme left? original Author and source of the article.

The Famous Parade De Accion De Gracias De Macys

In 1920, many of the employees of the Macys stores were immigrants of first generation. Proud of his new American inheritance, they wanted to celebrate the American festival with the type of festival that longed for of their European earth. The employees marched from street 145 to the 34 disguised clowns, cattle tenders, horsemen and sheik. Professional floats, bands and 25 alive animal yielded by the zoological one of Central Park marched past accompanied by a hearing by more than 250,000 people. The parade was everything a success. The great globes appeared for the first time in 1927 with Felix the Cat.

A tradition that comes by far is the liberation of the globes, that furrow the sky during days and the lucky person finds who them can demand a prize. During years 1930, the parade did not stop to grow. A population drowned by the Depression surpassed the million assistants in the 1934 parade. The new globes with the personages of Walt Disney became the favourites by the masses and the hearings of the radio could listen ceremonies and the arrival of Santa to street 34. The 1940 were witnesses of a suspension of the Parade since there was much no to celebrate during World War II.

In addition, it was not the moment for wasting helium and rubber. The Parade was started again in 1945 and was televised in New York. The Parade also began the route that does nowadays. With the arrival of the television, the Parade of the Thanksgiving day acquired a national reach in the decade of the 50. Also it happened to be an event of celebrities in which Sid Caesar, Danny Kaye, and Howdy Doody even made formal appearance. The Parade always has been known by its policy celebration " it rains or it does calor" , and by its brave effort to always recognize the globe designers. The most bittersweet year of the Parade took place in 1963 since one week of the murder of President Kennedy had not been marked nor, and the country still was compungido. But, it left for not " to disappoint to million of nios". In 1971, the wind was so hurricane that they had to cancel globes. The television spectators had to be satisfied to clasps in the Parade of 1970. In the decades of the 60, 70 and 80, appeared some of favorite globes including Snoopy, the Frog Gustavo and Superman. The Parade of the Thanksgiving day of Macys is a true New York experience that is magical for children, adults and for that want to make tourism in New York at this one time of the year. We want to be thankful to Macys by these photos and to wish many more years them of march by Broadway. Also it is worth the pain to remember that Thanksgiving is one of the jammed week ends more of the month in New York City, many tourists come to see not only the parade but many other attractions. It passes New York Pass to accede quickly to the most popular attractions can be really useful that weekend and save to the visitors hours of tails to buy the entrances. Original author and source of the article.