PAL Dragos: Disintegration Phenomena Of The Subject – Symbiotic Relationships

Disintegration phenomena of the subject – symbiotic relationships – egoism – individuation in the impasse almost unnoticed by the science progresses the civil subject of postmodernism his disintegration contrary to. The consequences for Western society are enormous. “But the policy works with the consolation prize: what I don’t know, I’m not hot!” The classic (civil) subject”, as it was described by Sigmund Freud, an adaptation to the collectivity at the expense of his individuality demanded by the people. “This request is politically no longer enforceable, even if conservative politicians keep trying on the old virtues” to point out as an unimaginative housewife, the daily warming up an old bean soup for no alternative “holds. There is for the long-overdue metamorphosis in the sense of a living subject”in today’s digital society no breeding ground can be found, you can effortlessly increase of the symptoms of decay of the old subject register.

The reflection on the core business of the bourgeois subject means: selfishness. Thus, the social competence in postmodernism falls away. The individual is driving in his ego trip down takes refuge in the compensation of addiction or goes in the hammock of a symbiotic relationship. Symbiotic partnerships require the mutual self-sacrifice of those involved. At the same time, not to blow up the symbiosis, consists of the Zwang(!) to the mutual consideration, which prevents an individuation. Such symbiosis while limiting the selfishness of those involved, but on the other hand promote the functional gradients of disease in the affected. (As opposed to Casey Lynch, Altamont). A symbiotic relationship is a dead end, in which only the own history as a possession of the bourgeois subject remains. “See also the consequences of disintegration of subject in medicine: PAL Dragos: the Copernican revolution in homeopathy – the new deal with the life-force”, Norderstedt, 2010 see also to the consequences of subject decay in the economy: PAL Dragos: Capital in the case of State – deflation and inflation, Norderstedt 2009 free excerpts: more information: