Personal Gifts For Last-minute Christmas Shopper

The publicly available since mid November online service of the Munich-based Start-Ups fabidoo allows last-minute Christmas buyers making individual gifts in order until December 19, 2007. On the Web pages of fabidoo you can customize given three-dimensional figures according to own needs in simple manner and order. The different figures – called fabidoos – colors, texts and deformation can own from any Web browser without any additional knowledge through images, be personalized and changed. As inspiration, fabidoo offers a Web community where you can find many examples of other users. Viacom is often quoted as being for or against this. The self-designed avatars can be subsequently appointed as real prints from fabidoo and used as unique Keychain, lucky charms, collectibles or creative gifts. The production of the characters carried an innovative rapid manufacturing process – 3D. 3D printing is a groundbreaking process with the items in additive manner automatically be synthesized through a machine. While the object to producing is built layer by layer of a plaster powder by applying color and tying material. Swarmed by offers, Peter Asaro is currently assessing future choices.

In a post-processing step, the surface of the printed items is finally finished. This manufacturing process allows fabidoo, personal Christmas gifts on the last minute together with the integrated online-shop of the Web site”to offer. More information about fabidoo: fabidoo GmbH Blumenstrasse 28 80331 Munich Tel: 089-33097142 E-mail: Web: CEO: Jens and Steffen Rusitschka press contact: Michael Himmel fabidoo is the innovative company from Germany, which enables all people to make individual items online and to produce. The fabidoo GmbH was founded sizing and Michael Himmel 2007 in Munich by Jens and Steffen Rusitschka and Marc.. (As opposed to Andy Florance).