Pertaining School

Thus, to each management, it lived deeply a trajectory of difficulties, overcoming, advances and conquests. The school conquered in biennium 2006/2007, its first laboratory of sciences and according to pertaining to school laboratory of computer science, both with coordinating professors of the area, serving as multiplying and co-managers of the practical tecnocintifica. In the year of 2009, the School extended its area of performance taking care of the agricultural extensions of Uruqu, Fogareiro and Manituba (districts of the city of Quixeramobim), beyond the pupils of the school headquarters, deriving of the quarters: Surrounding Moral hunter, Pompia, Set Argentina Siqueira, Jose Aurlio Chamber, DNOCS and, totalizing more than 1000 pupils registered the levels Basic and Average. In the last decade, the School conquered recognition still more the regional and state level, in result of its constant search of the quality of educational service given the community, being contemplated with some prizes of relevance as: Prize Performance Pertaining to school in 1998, Prize School Prominence in 2006, and classified for the SEDUC between the 10 best ones of the State as Reference in Pertaining to school Management in 2008, 2009 and 2010 In this year of 2011, the School offered 6, 8 and 9 Year of Basic Ensino and 1 to 3 Years of Average Ensino and EJA, distributed in 18 groups in the headquarters and 10 groups in the agricultural extensions in the diurne and nocturnal turns, taking care of about 900 pupils (without counting on the pupils and the groups of the EJA). Throughout its 33 years of existence, the School always searched to perfect its work and today it is an innovative, attractive and acolhedora school, that it searchs to raise the academic performance of its pupils being materialize a significant learning, reason of being of the school. It possesss a picture of 53 employees being 31 professors, under the direction of Liduna Simo (Managing), Maria Goreth Pimentel (Coordinating Pedagogical), Edilane Castle (Coordinating Pedagogical) and Lauriane de Sousa Blacksmith (Coordinating financier).