Philips Monitor

To date, the market of computer products literally perenapolnen different models of lcd monitors. One of the monitors, which stands out from the rest of monitors became Philips V170.Eto due to the fact that the excellent quality Monitor sold at a low price, and still with good performance. The monitor has two color solutions are black (black) and silver (silver). Response time is 8 ms, which is pretty good. If the response time was 4 ms for example you would a not very strongly felt. The monitor supports 75 Hz at 1280 * 1024.

Angle of view images on a monitor is 180 degrees, which means that you will clearly see the picture from almost all the provisions of this characteristic is very important. Together with the monitor supplied driver disk. Installation is very simple and will be understandable to everyone. It should be noted that like the previous models from Philips (S170) model V170 also features on the front of the monitor control buttons, namely, You can adjust the contrast of the monitor, the monitor gamut i.t.d design creates a good impression. There is nothing superfluous. The two curved lines that emphasize the area of finding the function keys.

At the moment There are 17 and 19 inch versions of the monitor. Behind the monitor can detect four holes brackets, which can be mounted monitor. The monitor supports power saving mode, and hibernation. Lastly, to say that the price for this monitor is in the range $ 260-280 for the 17 inch version, which in principle for a cheap monitor with 8ms response time and excellent viewing angle.