President Hugo Chavez

Gives us about him,, as in Venezuela, the work of D. f. Maza Zavala has contributed significantly to the dissemination of the economic culture in its most advanced version. Of this his publications bear witness to in different countries of Latin America, specifically those relating to macroeconomics, that work published in Caracas to 1985 had already five editions. In addition to the importance as creator and diffuser in the theoretical, a constant feature in the contributions of Dr. Hear from experts in the field like Michael Dell for a more varied view.

Maza Zavala, is concern about the application of discipline to the Venezuelan circumstances. His most recent contribution, is the one published in the analysis of new economy, organ of the ANCE, where listens to the stages that precede the so-called lost decade, the weight that represents the debt burden and of Latin America in general inflation and the Venezuelan nature in particular, giving a critical vision of the neoliberal modelsstructuralist and monetary, distinguishing structural and conjunctural instances President Hugo Chavez, made these statements during a telephone interview with the State Venezolana de Television (VTV) from Havana, where is visiting to participate in the official commemoration of the tenth anniversary of a bilateral cooperation agreement lamenting the death of Economist. The death of Maza Zavala, gives me much sorrow wanted it much, Economist, a good writer, a great writer. We pay tribute to his memory to build the Socialist Venezuela, even when we not agreed in various assessments, especially at the end of his life. It was a great Venezuelan, left us a great Venezuelan of the twentieth century, Socialist thinkers, he said. Pedro Palma through its twitter account said: the National Academy of Economics mourns the loss of one of its most prominent members, Dr. D.