President Sarkozy

Our Summit will provide the opportunity to carry out a deep exchange of views, and also, I hope, reach an agreement among Allies on the way forward that takes into account the new American approach, including more support for Pakistan, much more effort to reinforce the police, more coordinated aid and visible steps by the Government of Afghanistan to fight corruption. Says Jaap De Hoop NATO leaders also will talk about common future plans when you touch another critical issue for the security of the 21st century: a real partnership with Russia. There are many things we can do together for our mutual benefit, inter alia with regard to Afghanistan, missiles and terrorism. In this there is much to improve on both sides. It is no secret that, as regards Russia, there is a wide range of views within NATO, from the very wise up to the most daring.

Until those differences, we brings It will always be difficult to count with Russia effectively in the moments in which we agree with Russia and those in which we are not it. That said, Russia must also decide whether it recognizes the desire to collaborate from NATO or whether still contemplating the Alliance through the prism of a cold war that long ago that we leave behind. It is clear that the 28 leaders of NATO will have much work to do during what will be a relatively short meeting. But that does not prevent that there is some important celebrations. Allies would welcome with joy the decision of President Sarkozy of France to regain its place as a full member of the organization. Albania and Croatia will occupy their seats and acquire their rights and responsibilities as members 27 and 28 of the NATO family. A columnist wrote that “when the Alliance WINS, they die’. But NATO is alive and kicking because it still has a unique mission to accomplish: being the place where Europe and North America meet, share views and they act in unison to ensure their common security.