Pull Float

Adjustment scheme of action to the space-time variables in game situations. Games introduction and application (1In 1, 2, 2, 3 to 3.4 4) Strike hands high (first technique), Start Strike low hands. The physical qualities are developed as a natural result of the physical demands. c) Integration of techniques specific to the tactics of a whole (13-14 years or so) improvement of skills within the overall structure of team play. Ways to play 6-0. Formal game (June 6) The passage is difficult, therefore everything should be removed. GMA forward-backward displacements.

Everyone should know "arm" GMB front desk. Defense. Remove: Introduction tactics. Security. Attack: whipped arm. Hand ball. Added to 4 and 2.

Activities requiring progressive training in all aspects (physiological and technical-tactical and strategic) Capacity building conditional. d) Tactical whole way to the specialization (15 and 16 years approximately) 4-2 System with and without penetration. OWNER specialization, but need to know to attack. We introduce the metro core to the environment. Attack led to 5 and 1 block; movement and invasion. Defense: Always try to remove it. (Will) front desk, bilateral and transport. If the reception he'll play a second time allows at the end of the stage. Pull Float: Long to 5, with 1 long and short. Security and Accuracy. Remove Initiation in Salto e) Sports (From age 17 onwards) Home of the specializations (arrowheads, central and opposite) Development of the early days of the fast to the bands and second lines. (High, Strong and directed) Lock, systems reading and anticipation.