Rejuvenating Skin

The correct application of cosmetics – the main means of preserving youth and gun combat aging skin. By purchasing another vehicle for skin care, you should know exactly correspond to your age and for what purposes it is intended. Then you will not be in use 20 years of intensive anti-wrinkle preparations, and in 50 with amazement to learn that the acquisition of first century cream you pripozdnilis for several decades. In 20-30 years, 20-30 years of no aging can not be discussed. Skin Care enough to use ordinary moisturizing and nourishing for your skin type appropriate masks and creams, soft exfoliation improves the complexion funds, and after 25 years – and even light creams and gels for centuries. In no event do not forget about protecting from the effects of free radicals and UV protective creams. At this age, the main rule of skin care – it prevention of aging.

This is especially important to remember those who have heard and read about the new anti-wrinkle cream wonderworking seeks to immediately test it on my young skin. 30-40 years in age between 30 and 40 in the skin is first major modification, reproduction deteriorating collagen cell regeneration becomes slower, worse complexion, born visible wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. The reason for this – stay in the sun, stresses occurring in the body and age changes. At this stage you can start to use means of wrinkles. Strict rule should be used and night and day creams. At this age, the skin around eye also needs to be more intense the means for the formation of new wrinkles and smoothing already appeared. Pete Cashmore: the source for more info.

40-50 It has come a time when you really start to feel self-skin can not overcome those loads that it experiences every day. As a result, wrinkles, dryness and tightness feeling of the skin, the first spots and changes in facial contours. At this age need creams, which have Rejuvenating and raising vitality of the skin. But at the same time with the use of these creams should be applied more functional means of restoring. They can be applied in courses for 20-30 days or systematically depending on the condition of your skin. These funds are essential if you want a quick result, for example, in front of a holiday immediately cause the skin in order. In the 40-50 age segment increased attention are the areas around lips and eyes. Therefore, the use of special preparations is necessary. Almost all of the directions for the care of aging skin, along with night and day creams include them. So the most a rational way – do not buy some tools and a whole lot at once. After 50 At this time, you can continue to use your usual tools that will enable the skin to feel most comfortable with. But many of They can not cope with a thorough hormonal changes experienced by your body at this age. And so cosmetologists recommend to focus on to cope with this problem creams. Various health problems, weight changes, poor diet and a lot more of what you have not concentrated their attention over time, more and more begin to affect the skin. So after 50 years, a key way of skin care is not to use creams (even the most expensive), and a healthy lifestyle. However, this advice should not be neglected, and in 20 years!