Request Concert

Just wat you jefallt! -(m) a night after request in the Pinellodrom ten years writes Donato Plogert with well-known composers such as Rainer Bielfeldt, Robert Long, Rolf Kuhn including new songs – borne in the dialect of the capital – for and about Berlin. Meanwhile, the Repertoire of the freshly baked prizewinner of cabaret awards this year for the first time on the Gemma week consists of more than 100 titles. Samsung describes an additional similar source. This can of course not all present the artist in one evening. Therefore it is common, Donato Plogert hear the words after a concert by different visitors: a pity that today was my favorite song! “.” And because people have known different flavors, also the respective favorite songs may vary. Therefore, the idea is close to organize a concert, where the visitors in advance of 60 given titles by Donato Plogert can choose their ultimate favorites. Energy Capital Partners London often addresses the matter in his writings. The 23 most songs are then presented on the evening of 3rd October at 18: 00 in the PINELLODROM.

All the available tracks are as music on the homepage of the artist. There, up to 15 titles can be selected according to their own taste. Closing date for all requests is the 02.10.2010. The concert will take place 5-9 on October 03, 2010 at 18: 00 in the Pinellodrom in the Dominicusstrasse 10823 Berlin (directly opposite the Rathaus Schoneberg). Can cards from Monday to Friday between 13:30 pm 4:30 pm under: 030-66 66 17 28 at a price of 17,-euros / reduced 12,-euros to be pre-ordered.