Well, first to warn that the theme I’m going to play is very extensive because there are many facets of the project that I’ve been between hands, although for the moment we’ll go to the part more technique of the topic. Long time and thanks to several musician friends, wanted to mount a completely free amateur music website, without too many web design knowledge but if graphic design and struggling with several programs of development web I created my page thanks to design interfaces, because I have no idea of html. Once created the page and after gathering various information on how it had that program a web, came the great challenge, put it on the internet. After much looking in internet services, accommodations and other companies, I took several conclusions; Vale a paste have a web in a hosting company (and more when you do by hobby), if you’re not an experienced webmaster, can be a little confusing throughout the process, always tines fear not spend allowed traffic and will charge more and more things that you save me to not lengthen me.(those who want to mount a website already what you know) Now good to the grain, feel the roll I have mounted my website and my server at home. The steps are simple, although I am not going to deny that necisite a little help.Well, the first thing was, aside from creating the web, register the domain in my case maketasmusic (that can do you very easily in a variety of companies in the network), thing that is not expensive and is paid annually. The next thing was hiring an ADSL line at home, and asked for fixed IP, more than anything for convenience, because although you have IP dynamics there are programs that you become fixed.(fixed IP has an additional cost that depends on each operator) After this, the machine had to conserguir was my desktop computer, I left the laptop for programming and everything else, and the desktop as a server, and not on a whim, it was ideal for several reasons; It is a relatively old computer that not spent much energy (not as the pepinacos coming out now), is not very powerful in what refers to speed and others, something ideal, because to serve a web is unnecessary any quad processor or anything like that.(only had one catch was a little noisy, but after changing some few fans something changed).So I advise that if you do, use your old computer, or one second hand.