Bored piles, arranged by technology bushing screws. Design-through screw equipped with a rock cutting tool are lost shoe. Technology staging piles drilled with screw-through provides construction piles without shock and vibration, which is especially important in the manufacture of piles near existing buildings and structures. When immersed screw tightens the borehole wall and drill out the soil does not exceed 30-40% of the wells. The advantage of this technology is the lack of "wet" process – the clay solution is not needed. The piles are filled with cast concrete through the auger tube columns with concrete pumps. Reinforcement exercise as a screw through the pipe string, and dipping reinforcing cages for concrete-filled hole with a vibrator.

Immersion depth frame given by the project. In order to prevent possible deformation of the foundations of adjacent buildings and structures, piles suit "in desynchronization" (at least 8-10 meters apart) with a return to their former place of work (about existing homes) in 2-3 days. Erection of the foundation of the bored piles begins with a careful study of engineering geological characteristics of the object. Quite often at this stage is also carried out research state foundations of surrounding buildings, because even with such a gentle method, as the construction of bored piles, it is impossible to completely eliminate deformation and land subsidence ground. At the second stage produced prototypes of bored piles being tested the bearing capacity, which allows the stage of preparatory work with high accuracy to the calculated allowable load on the pile, as well as determine the required design parameters: diameter, length, reinforcement.