The technology of the cold solar party take advantage of the heat to generate cold. It is necessary to use thermal solar systems and add to them a team of absorption. Taking into account that electricity consumption rises considerably during the summer months by the use of air conditioning devices, the generalization of this technology can assume a development very positive in the use of new applications of renewable energies and the reduction of power consumption. The technology used in these systems, absorption cooling, is based on the ability to absorb heat from certain pairs of substances like water and lithium bromide or ammonia and water. Its operation is based on physico-chemical reactions between a refrigerant and absorbent, driven by a thermal energy which is hot water in the case of solar energy. Solar installations of this type require highly efficient solar equipment. Solar systems with sensors planes do not produce water at a very high temperature.

For solar installations intending to become a saving for the air conditioning, whether for heating or air conditioning, is necessary that the equipment is highly efficient since many teams of absorption are activated with temperatures of 85. Why solar plate systems flat are not very efficient, since there are few teams that can reach this temperature throughout the day, since its efficiency curve decreases when more solar incidence there are and when the ambient temperature is higher. Besides not having any tracking system. This is very convenient to use units of concentration solar as the SolarBeam, capable of tracking the Sun throughout the day, thanks to its dual-axis solar rays always affect perpendicularly on the computer this makes it 262% more efficient than the flat panels, since you can follow the Sun during the day. The team concentrated rays of Sun in a single focal point by raising the temperature of the water at 95 this is more than enough to be able to operate any absorption equipment, and most importantly is that its performance is always constant, surpassing the 85% efficiency. SolarBeam provides 13kw hourly solar hot water.

It can produce hot water up to 95 degree temperature. The SolarBeam is 262% more efficient than the flat solar panels and a 98% more efficient than vacuum tubes. Return on investment is from 4 to 6 years, compared with 20 years or more, in the flat solar panels or 15 years in vacuum tubes. Would require 19.25 flat screens to match the power generated by 1 SolarBeam. SolarBeam provides only a photovoltaic installation in the future (PV) module to generate up to 4 Kw of electricity.