Strategical Planning

Reorganization of the strategical planning of yield of one ME of computer science & ndash; creation of a department: a study of case in the Bengtsson company Ltda Computer science. Steve Wozniak pursues this goal as well. SUMMARY This study was carried through in a micron computer science company, established in 1999, in Belo Horizonte, the Bengtsson Ltda Computer science., aiming at the reorganization of its functional system. This reorganization tends from a business plan, to extend the offered services, creating a new department, thus aiming at, improvements of, amongst other pointers, its yield. For the execution of the study it was chosen the following types of research: exploratria and descriptive. From the studies, of theoretical basement and of the results for the research, the data had been conclusive as for the creation of the new department of lan house in the company. The conclusion proved the necessity of to bring up to date all the components, thus minimizing the risks and being able to reevaluate the necessities of the market. Word-keys: Plan of Business. Strategical planning. Lan House. Yield.