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Feb 22 2017

Twitter Software

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Voc one of the few proprietors of site who aindano are using Twitter as a form of gerartrfego for its affiliated site or links of? Millions people already are aproveitandoeste method of marketing to obtain enormous amount detrfego. In this article, we go to argue vriostruques of Twitter to generate more traffic for seusite. A […]

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Jan 18 2017

Strategical Planning

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Reorganization of the strategical planning of yield of one ME of computer science & ndash; creation of a department: a study of case in the Bengtsson company Ltda Computer science. Steve Wozniak pursues this goal as well. SUMMARY This study was carried through in a micron computer science company, established in 1999, in Belo Horizonte, […]

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Jan 14 2016

Place Group

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All participate equally of the decision taking. The organization is democrtica' '. When all the ones that are part of the company, exactly that they have operational functions, can think through the dialogue, becoming involved themselves in the quarrels of ideas, the critical one based and the respect to the opinions of the other. This […]

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