Market Research Of Available Advertising

Modern advertising industry provides companies with a wide range of advertising services to suit every taste and color. This is television advertising, press advertising, radio advertising and online advertising, brochures, leaflets, magazines, banners and streamers and this is not an exhaustive list. But let's talk about the budget. Agree, the issue is important, because not every company can afford to order a commercial on the federal channel, and radio ads – the pleasure is not for everyone. What kind of choice is a small and medium-sized businesses? Options are not many, but they are. Recently, a large popular Internet advertising.

Or rather, the worst of its manifestation – spam. If you are not convinced, visit Zendesk. Who has not faced with spam? Each of us several times a day, without opening, sends a letter to cart obscure organizations with themes business proposal, only for us, discounts, etc. According to the forecast the company MessageLabs, to 2008 was one of the ten letters that arrive by e-mail will be infected by a virus, but by 2013 the virus remains doedyat Internet as a virus will have every second letter. You can order the distribution of advertising leaflets or distribute ads on pillars, doorways, bus stops. But in the first case, the people most likely to throw them imposed flyer into the nearest trash, in the second, they frustrate the caretaker.

The cost of each pasted leaflets will be about 3 rubles (1,5 for the announcement and 1.5 immediately after posting). Among the variety available, but not always effective, advertising stands out is relatively new for Russian business direction – advertising on business cards. With such an original suggestion – use a regular user as a separate advertising media advertising market in Moscow came several companies. In some places the stands not only for petrol stations, shopping centers and restaurants, but also in small and medium business such as: beauty salons, medical, dental clinics, childcare centers – wherever there is a large level of traffic. And experience shows that if people took the business card, then sooner or later he will take advantage of it. The average efficiency of such advertising 5-10 new clients per month from 1 rented booth. There is another option – to give notice in a newspaper and wait for the call of who among all the ads will be able to find yours. Cost inline ads in the newspaper on an average of 600 rubles. The effectiveness of a single black line questionable, and the cost of the advertising module from 2000 rubles. And this is the price for the week. Distinguish between cost-effectiveness of advertising and the effectiveness of the psychological impact of advertising on the individual human consciousness (To attract attention to advertising, fixing in the memory, etc.). And the psychological impact is most effective if it leads to potential consumers to purchase. Thus, economic effectiveness of advertising depends on its psychological impact. The effectiveness of promotional or individual advertising medium can be expressed by number of customers affected by advertising, as well as the magnitude of the costs of One viewer, reader, etc. Therefore, each manager can choose the most suitable option for your budget.

Five Components

You will learn how to distinguish an effective job of advertising agencies from the pseudo operation. Already own this knowledge can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars! Understanding the characteristics of effective advertising, it is always possible monitor progress of work on it. In addition, you can choose the best advertising campaign to increase demand for its products. Click Robotics expert to learn more. For example, the advertising group is a "manifestation" – the choice for professionals. Corporate approach this the company is a combination of fundamental knowledge in marketing and stimulate demand, talented professionals (designers, copywriters, advertisers) and a flexible approach to each client. But do not be too bore you with long stories. We proceed directly to the point! The first component – to attract the attention of potential consumers. Pete Cashmore oftentimes addresses this issue. Some have brilliant advertising was not it is worth nothing if you do not attract attention target group of consumers! After all, that was not shown and written in the advertisement it is simply wasted, when the consumer walks by.

The second component – the interest of consumers. In addition, to attract attention to consumer interest. Without it, he will look at the ads and instantly switch to your worries. That advertising has become interesting to the consumer, it should not be normal and this helps a creative! The third component of successful advertising – to sell the benefits of a service or product the advertiser. Your product can be advertised as you like, but until the buyer will not understand the benefits of its acquisition, advertising will ineffective (for profit means not only utilitarian use, but the fashion brand).

The buyer is not interested in the product itself, in isolation from the benefits he can bring! The fourth component – to stimulate consumer desire to have the advertised product (to use the service).

Outdoor Advertising

Apply such a large number of ways to express their product these days that sometimes you can get lost! Below we have outlined a number of basic recommendations for the advertising campaign for your product. If you want to place the ad clip on television on the occasion, then begin an aggressive rotation for a month before that, so everybody knew about the proposal. Do not use for different types of advertising are one and the same set of phrases, perfect if every module in the press will unique. Be sure to call me proven designers in the production of graphic advertising. Advertising should be easily understandable font, not to be burdened with details, photos. But clearly provide data on goods.

It is advisable to include information on the benefits of your services in the very beginning of the article, because different people are too lazy to read everything before the end of the message and the header must catch their attention. Write about your benefits, rather than theoretical opportunities. In recent years, finally, on the various services there is a huge competition. You will acquire a steady supply of customers, if convincingly explain to them what the advantages of your company, when compared with competing firms. Always be open to new ideas and to try to your project successful moves of your competitors. If you see outdoor advertising in St. Petersburg, literally seizing your attention, consider what the cunning method? – And take on board.

Spend advertising in newspapers and glossy magazines, on tv, the internet resources, etc. Use outdoor advertising, print flyers, catalogs (book printing industry is very important). A list of such services enormous. Take into service a variety of methods of promotion: anyone who does not have a tv, should have the opportunity to learn about you from the newspaper. Make a statement it on websites, because it includes potential very broad and diverse. Invent a corporate site with detailed information and progress on the first page of search engines. The main rule of successful advertising is constantly thinking, what do you suggest, why, and who your Target audience.

Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising on Google AdWords, Yandex. Direct and Runner is a personal appeal to every user Runet. The principle of operation is similar systems, but each has several advantages: 1. Google Adwords – is recognized as one of the best around world of contextual advertising system. If your information will be posted here and users around the globe recognize the existence of your company or your website. 2. Yandex is an effective system of content advertise your site. The information is placed in the leading search engine Yandex.

Advertising will be available for a large number of Russian-speaking users. 3. Begun (Rambler) is a universal service, where You can place an effective contextual advertising. The system works with a huge number of thematic areas, is also used search engine Rambler. Contextual advertising placed in these systems, gives positive results in a short time and has the following features: – Ease of management efficiency – Easy setup – Focus on the target visitors – Quick results – Time Targeting – Geo Targeting – Ability to save a lot of other advantages.

But despite its advantages, contextual advertising with Google AdWords, Yandex. Direct and Runner has one drawback. This complexity of self- advertising in connection with the confusing interface and management tools, the more time for an advertising campaign mounted rigidly. Therefore it is best to entrust this business professionals, and results will a long wait.

CDs Furniture

You remember the possibility of putting an ad indicating you are looking for a flat to rent, and meticulously detailed the characteristics of what you have in mind. Anyone who read that ad, will perceive that you’re committed and you know perfectly what you are looking for. Not forget to ask all your friends if you know anyone that renting an apartment. If it is furnished possible, but if it is not, also you come well. After all, it is cute to go out walking at night and see furniture that neighbors are pulling and ask yourself: is that a table? is it whole? game with the dining room table will do that Chair? You can upload by the elevator or will I have to use the ladder?Apartment for rent search continues its course. He arrives Sunday and buy not one, but two newspapers and the first thing that you read are the classified ads. Spend an hour or two reading these small little letters that seem to be written for people with giant eyes or eyesight too. And hence nomas, just when you decide that tomorrow you buy a magnifying glass to not stay blind, just read all the classified ads.

Then you relax a while reading the newspaper and you find out how the world is going. You try not to think about renting an apartment. At that moment you’re still a little stressed out. You want to take your problem above as soon as possible, and continue without thinking of thing beautiful which are times of removals. Don’t think in how entertaining it is to accommodate all your furniture in a new space. Spend the day moving furniture from one side to the other, checked that nothing struck, that there are no broken crockery, nor your music CDs or your DVDs. clean land to the computer and to the TV and the home theatre and reconnect them it is another step.

View all those cables that invade your apartment and you must diligently you hide and forget until you come back to move again. rent flats for rent Max Maxwell graduate in advertising and communications by the Autonomous University of Barcelona journalist specialized in the classifieds market. House for rent related Blogs threatened activist and lawyer independent news centre Tracksuits and jackets cheap to the wholesale: Adidas, Adicolours, Nike by your side Chapter #3 two friends new sells i quadri’s the padrone di casa: tenant mette nei guai anche damaged building owners protest against real estate C’e un nuovo tenant: consigli per chi adotta a micio in a cheap tickets to Philippines gattile offers of Travel cheap tickets to Nicaragua travel offers Facebook improves its search and facilitates the search for new friends Fellini & Fellini. Da Rimini to Rome, Cinecitta tenant di