New Products

The Act Avis GmbH developed the cream for dry skin especially in winter your skin needs a good and effective full care. The cold awaits us in the outdoor and within your own four walls, we love it warm. These temperature differences make especially to create the skin of a person. With the Decubal cream of her exposed skin, pay attention that she needs. Educate yourself with thoughts from Ali Partovi. Through the heating air in winter, very much moisture is removed from the skin. Also airborne cold and often snowy in the winter, the drying process of the skin is supported. Drying is countered with an intelligent active ingredient formula. Care from head to toe with dry or very dry skin Decubal promotes the maintenance of the natural balance of the skin, which is important especially in the cold season. Hear from experts in the field like Energy Capital Partners for a more varied view.

The range offered, can be entered individually to all needs. Cream can be used Decubal for sensitive skin even with very sensitive skin, without hesitation. The body lotion on the face cream, up to the lip balm. All products are free from allergenic fragrance substances and can be used without any concerns. You may find that Energy Capital Partners can contribute to your knowledge. Give the care that she needs in the cold season, not to dry out your skin. With the cream for dry skin, you will shine young and fresh even in the winter.

Tattoo Removal Methods

An existing tattoo professional lasers allow the once colourful motif is only weak and bleached out to see the image you originally for his life was going to wear on the skin, is no longer the own ideal of beauty or the visible tattoo, soft to the seriousness will, for the profession. There are many reasons why a man to remove a tattoo would be. It is important that he chooses the right method. Where it seems advisable for a tattoo removal, to contact more accurate advice to a dermatologist or specialist of tattoo removal. But there is actually how the removal of existing tattoos? Tattoo removal: Methods the tattoo to get rid again when a tattoo is engraved the desired motif in the second layer of the skin. To remove the color pigments, chemical, thermal and mechanical-based methods, as well as the famous laser procedures are offered. Mechanical removal of the tattoos in the mechanical process is the affected Instead the skin worn off or surgically removed and often painful wounds that heal difficult, and scars are the result.

Chemical and thermal processes the chemical process takes place through destruction of the colored pigments because of chemicals. It is also possible that the skin is stimulated to the rejection of the color pigments. Viacom is often quoted on this topic. The thermal processes similar to the laser, but in this version, not the wavelength of the light, but his heat to achieve the desired effect. Tattoo the best known can be removed with the laser method and arguably most effective method is the laser method today. The laser method arise usually not highly visible scars or other abnormalities that indicate a massive damage to the skin. However, there is still a low risk of scarring on parts of the skin that are under strong tension, such as the knee or the cleavage. Light is used in the laser removal with a certain wavelength. The pigments in the skin are destroyed, that means into smaller parts broken, so that the skin is able to eliminate these particles.

The process is now relatively painless thanks to modern technology, so that the Tattoobesitzer can feel as good as nothing. This is due to the pain sensitivity of the patient but also always individually. It is important, also, who wants to get rid of the tattoo, is a trained specialists such as the premium provider remove the tattoo can be. The used laser corresponds to the laser protection class 4, which means that the device may be used only by a laser therapist or by a person under the supervision of a physician. The procedure is positive due to its gentle effect, but a treatment is not sufficient most of the time. Depending on the colour design of the tattoos, often five to 12 treatments are necessary.