Anti-Virus Systems

At the present time when the Internet gets more and more into our lives to think about security when using the Internet. I think it happens to you a situation where viruses are computer failure or steal passwords to purses webmoney. So I was 5 basic rules for safe Internet experience. I will not give the types of malware as they can be viewed on other websites. I just go over some basic rules that allowed I surf the Internet without fear of being a victim of the virus. 1. Upgrading your browser.

Through holes in browsers viruses, Trojans easily penetrate the computers. And to do this as often as possible to update the browser, since there is such opportunity is provided for each program. If possible, upgrade to a browser from a standard Internet Explorer more convenient. I would recommend Maxthon, Firefox, which have many options for ad-blocking and integrated with antivirus software. 2.

Postal box. Important to try to use third-party mail postal services, although most of them are often overlooked spam, and with it, and viruses. Personally, I use the mailbox on the Rambler and two years of working with him but have never received spam ads and refusing to work. For sverhvazhnyh letters and correspondence, make better use of paid service, which apart from protection will provide space on a server around 1 GB or more. 3. Updating antivirus and firewall. Set a good antivirus and firewall, and as often as it updated. Most viruses are often bypass the protection because of outdated anti-virus databases. There are many antivirus programs, so I will suggest nothing. But What about firewall I would advise is free, but very reliable COMODO Firewall Pro. 4. Ignoring the questionable sites. To date, one of the major pitfalls for beginners. Similar tricks have already penetrated and social networks. Recently, certain users began to appear on the entry of friends with a request to visit the site here. Clicking on the link to your computer instantly penetrated virus, which broke down the operating system. So ignore the such reference offers. Now, many search engines have a warning system such as Google, and it helps a lot, even though mistakes happen. 5. Password protection. Try not to store passwords in memory to the operating the system as spyware in a fraction of seconds to send their their attackers and you lose not only akkautnov on services, but also electronic money. Original article on my blog – web, seo, creative