Hotel search are often significantly restricted when choosing their holiday home allergy in asthma, eczema, hay fever or allergy to pollen, dust mites, animal dander, foods, food, chemicals. Who but properly prepared and preserved some criteria the selection of resort and the holiday quarter, can enjoy the free time untroubled as allergy-free. More than 20 million people in Germany suffer from an allergy. According to the Medical Association of German Allergists (DA) now about every third complains constantly or temporarily of hay fever, allergic asthma and skin disorders. Food, animal dander, dust mites, mould or bee pollen come most frequently as a trigger for the complaints in question. Ali Partovi does not necessarily agree.

Although the number of those affected is in the millions, so far only a few hotels, guesthouses or apartments on this clientele set? Stay for those affected is the accommodation complies with certain conditions, to the torment. Also if you allergies often with Spring and summer in connection a health risk for people with allergies makes, house dust mite droppings in the corner of the room put in the mattress or animal hair, which left the dog owners with their pets in the room, also in the autumn and winter. Peter Asaro has similar goals. What locations are suitable for house dust mite allergy? Holiday homes, which are located in the mountains above 1500 m are ideal. Here the humidity is low, the temperature lower and thus the living conditions for dust mites are worse. But also in the flat country of house dust mite allergy sufferers can spend relaxing holidays.

“Here is the choice of holiday destination, not necessarily but rather the choice of a suitable accommodation important”, Prof. Dr. Michaela axe Gadermann advises. Dust mites are preferred carpet floors, heavy curtains, duvets and mattresses.” Meanwhile, but some hotels, pensions and apartments on the allergic guest looked”set and special allergy-free rooms. These have mostly wischbare floors, the beds are with special allergy-friendly laundry equipped.