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Aug 08 2017

Computer Repair

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In case of failure the power supply the correct choice for computer repair – replacement power supply for a new one. However, we consider the most common causes of failure of power supplies. Computer Services, with experience of more than 5 years gives the following recommendations: The most likely breakdown diode rectifier bridge to high-voltage […]

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Apr 30 2017

Default Password

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On the set of adsl modem settings can be changed not only from any computer on the internal network, that is lan (Local Area Network), but also from outside – wan (Wide Area Network). What does this mean? And what if the modem is included in router mode (router), he establishes a relationship with the […]

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May 05 2011

Unique Content

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Rare commercial entity or a private entrepreneur today have no web site. That site is the placement of effective advertising, products, services, and a simple window on the world. Development site – a process time-consuming, creative, but at the same time the most difficult. Placement site at the isp, this is not a guarantee of […]

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