Google Chrome OS

Google has announced via its official blog to working on the project Chromium OS, the operating system designed for people who use the web mostly. Google's idea is to provide the community of free software all the tools for development to continue. Is expected to continue in this way throughout the coming year. Chromium applications menu Gonna OS features OS Chromium, Google clarifies the following points: It is based directly on calls aplicaciones weba a rather than desktop applications. The advantage, they say, is that you should not deal with software installation or update. By pointing directly to the web, it was thought a far more secure than other OSes. Being based on Linux already has the advantage of being very safe, but in addition to that claim to have created a way for the same Chromium check the integrity of their code and intrusion of malware or virus. Another goal of Google was to consume the least amount of resources, as they plan to a desde to turn on the computer until you're surfing the Internet, spend just a few segundos.a Finally, say that many Free Software projects are working, such as GNU, Linux Kernel, Moblin, Ubuntu and WebKit. The idea is that with the help of the community will be able to have the system for personal consumption at the end of next year. It seems that every time Google acquires more power, we hope that their intentions are good, but anything could happen. Here we are 3 videos on Chromium OS Nexobit page.