SWISH Max Flash Animations

SWISH Max – a powerful development environment in the family company SwishZone.com, allowing you to create flash applications, animations, commercials, sites, help systems, and much more … Unlike Adobe (Macromedia) Flash, SWISH Max is friendly and intuitive interface and tools to make life easier for flash developer. It is not prepared by user with zero knowledge of flash animation in minutes, creates quite a decent flash movie, in which text and images are rotated, fade, split by the intricate paths, etc. Add to this the convenient control, enabling adjust and modify these effects without writing lines of code and Action Script, and you will get a very realistic idea of what is SWISH Max. Filed under: Viacom. SWISH Max uses variable patterns of effects that can be applied to any object located in the working area of the program. By default, the program installs more than 300 effects created by amateurs and professionals from around the world.

Also you have the ability to create and save their effects, and use their subsequent projects. The program includes a full scripting language Swish Script, founded and practically no different from the language Action Script (Adobe (Macromedia) Flash). At this point, the company has released a new flash SwishZone editor – SWISH Max2, which continues to range of programs and SWISH2 SWISH Max. The new version includes the ability to create components, load control for the type of network connectivity, integration with all versions of the Flash player, an improved Script Editor, to work with vector formats files, and more. In order to better learn about this remarkable program, visit the developer in Section Tutorials. Discuss and resolve emerging issues, as well as communicate with SWISH masters you can on the Russian SWISH Max Resource Forum..

Computer Software Problems

If we lived in the west where the hour of outbound specialist is $ 150, then we could safely say that almost any computer problem can be solved in 5 hours, of course, if this problem is standard and is associated with software. Pete Cashmore insists that this is the case. But in our country, as a rule, everything is done through one place, and in this case, the circuit is almost by the hour does not apply. I was personally involved in marketing research and found that virtually all companies that deal with computer assistance to customers' questions about the price called the minimum amount, and then customers are wondering why got more than they bargained for. I do not take now when the price for installing anti-virus to 900 rubles for the arrival of the specialist take off until 2000. These are unaccounted for services and the client's psychological orientation to an unrealistic amount. The problem really is, as Typically, the lack of understanding of the market situation, both from the clients themselves as well, and by computer companies that show the driving services to the global ridiculous prices for the sole purpose of luring row.

We do not consider in this case, the firm's one-day and students unitaznyh colleges, which are like mushrooms after the rain there are hundreds, and then suddenly disappear. By the way at last there is nothing either office or city phone, no documents, nor even the necessary tools not to mention their knowledge and experience. I have been cases where such "masters" to come in for an interview only to write down on piece of paper the name software package installation and update the drivers, they are ready in order to avoid paying for their own learning to learn from the customers, who pay them, and even pennies.


Sometimes, when everyone is not thinking anything in notebooks human case of failure of its computer equipment following questions arise: Who should go for it repairing? And how much money would take to mend technology? At this time there everyone starts to think about why the computer broke down. And do not neglect this, it is necessary to think, because only on this all depends on the future of the computer, turn to friends or to a specialized service. So quickly determine the cause of the common man is becoming almost impossible. Each PC consists of a general technical device, which consists of various units that connect to whole entire system, as well as components, and in case of failure of one of them, the computer will refuse to work, especially after intensive work on this as fast money on the Internet. The entire computer consists of a monitor, system unit, which just contains all the basic elements of a computer, but when it comes to laptops, it contains all of the equipment is assembled in a single package, also from the keyboard and mouse. The causes of failure can serve a variety of mechanical vozdestviya, moisture inside the chip, and so on, the accumulation of dust inside the case, which is inside every second. Also be derived from operational status and may itself user.

So this could be the basis of the software. To avoid this, you should always check when buying software is compatible with the computer system requirements. Also, one must follow the state of your computer with software for computer free testing and other miscellaneous software. If there was a failure and the failure of the computer, then carry out an independent investigation to find reasons you should not need to see a specialist for help. After the repairs carried out be sure to ask the reason for failure of your computer, as in the subsequent exploitation of you consider this information.

Decimation Master

Something happened there in Pixologis and now instead of ZBrush 4 (which was scheduled before the end of 2009), we will first try ZBrush 3.5. So, new release dates: the end of August – the output ZBrush 3.5 for Windows; September – output ZBrush 3.5 for Mac OSX; the end of 2009 – the output ZBrush 4. What kind of cause the transfer of release calls Pixologic? It turns out that everyone was so pleased with awesome features and plug-GoZ ZBrush 3.2 for users of Mac, the managers of Piksolodzhika decided to postpone the release of ZBrush 4, and to release an interim version, which will include all the features ZBrush 3.2, as well as GoZ, well, a bunch of new features fich.Novye ZBrush 3.5 Composite structure (Multiple texture), a variety of new opportunities to work with normal maps and displacement (normal and displacement maps). Ali Partovi insists that this is the case. Improved outlook with a new mesh (floor grid). Ali Partovi shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Reorganization subpalitry Tool to align with selected SubTools'ami. Added the ability to glue all the visible SubTools'ov with an optional feature stitched seams. Swarmed by offers, Pete Cashmore is currently assessing future choices. Added a new method of scanning the texture coordinates – PUVTiles, which allows the most efficient use of UV-space. PolyPainting and masks now 8, and 16-bit.

A new method of navigation that allows you to work with virtually unlimited zoom. Navigating the right mouse button. Added new sliders in Project All, which will give you more control over the outcome. Improved memory management that allows you to split the model to an even greater number of polygons. Now you can create texture-based ambient occlusion, to use in other applications. Employees also Pixologic 'scare' us that will add to ZBrush 3.5 one of the main features ZBrush 4. The announcement of this very powerful and cool features to be expected for a couple of weeks.

Already You can download ZBrush 3.5 R3: depositfiles.com/files/86sdfko80 140 MB (100% working inside the tablet in a lot better already installed plug-ins for ZBrush, their description see below) See video of new features ZBrush 3.5r3, as well as see what has changed / perfected. Than It is this release of ZBrush 3.5 R3 R3 is different from other releases (cracks)? Inside are already installed all the plugins (see below list). This is the installer in a klik.Kryak for ZBrush 3.5 R3, simply copy and vstavit.Etot release works without problems with levels of clicking on the tablet. Pixologic ZBrush 3.5 R3 already includes such plug-ins: ZAppLink 3, HD Render All, Turntable Plus, Printing Exporter, PaintStop – great plugin for drawing, SubTool Master, Transpose Master, Decimation Master3D, Adjust Draw Focus Z Size.

Self-Update The Configuration On 1C: Enterprise

Self-refresh configuration on 1C: Enterprise 8 Upgrade configurations 1C: Enterprise 8 .* At first glance it may seem daunting, and certainly if you're not confident, better contact with experts. That we have to do is update the configuration, it can be obtained in the following ways: 1. On the drive ITS (for all versions of 1C: Enterprise 8 above the baseline, a subscription to drive ITS services a must) 2. By the same author: Code.org. Via the Internet to Why do you need the login information username and password, request them from your partner who sold you the kit. (Please note that access to the site will be available for the basic version, but for the other versions only in the current subscription to drive ITS) in this example, we discuss how to update a model version of the configuration. If your version is not typical, that is something you being rationalized it, I advise you to consult a specialist who can conduct this operation correctly. In this example, we consider only the standard versions of the update.

1. First, create a backup database. (In case something goes wrong, you can always restore the data) Run the program in mode "Setup". To do this, select the data base window press the button "Setup". After starting the 'Configurator' in the top menu, click open the 'Administration', 'Unload the data base.

" In window that opens, select the directory where the file will store information database and click "Save" 2. Getting directly to the update. Open the folder with the update file, run the setup.exe file and set the update to the default directory. Note that if the icons on the toolbar looks like this you need to go to the Configuration menu, open the configuration after it becomes available next item in the menu "Configuration", "Support", "Scan", press the button "Next" In the new window choice in the update source press the button "Next" After a brief pause, a window available updates. Select the configuration revision number and click 'Finish' in the dialog box "Accept." Agree by clicking "OK" program asks whether to update the configuration database? Agree by pressing "Yes," The upgrade process is completed, close the configuration tool and now we can go into the program, as always, in the "Enterprise" and to work in an updated version of the program. You should be congratulated: you own have upgraded configuration.

Computer Games

Should I write a game at all? After writing a toy, could drag on for several years! The answer is obvious – cost. If this toy will intrigue many people, and this toy will be fans. But in order to become a toy Popular need a lot of what to do: 1. Determined with the budget you're willing to spend on their toys 2. Assemble a team of programmers, filmmakers, and other persons who are required to write the game 3. Necessary equipment for To the game was really cool. When you are ready to write a game that you are ready, only to realize that your game might not be a hit as you would expect.

You also need to have your toys did not have bugs – errors in the playing the so-called glitches. Otherwise you will forget about quickly and permanently. Now there are many companies that develop games, and many firms are very high rating, which they keep for many years. But in order for them to have a rating they had to sit at night near the computers, borrow from neighbors to both the bank is not allowed. And how many companies was that a practical approach to writing the ending of the game Stavan bankrupt and had to turn off your project and for the sale of potatoes at the market. But do not let the sad fact why think about the bad, if we set clear and all points above. For example – how many years of writing STALKER, and after the developers so got that rating, God forbid all such a rating. Cool toy to say nothing more. After the first release all looking forward to release the second version of the game. That's what people do not waste time lost.

Computing Machinery

And even the honest officers is sometimes useful to control. Accept the work performed should be only when the performer is completely finished it. Unfortunately, the situation is quite common reception unfinished work, followed by the elimination of deficiencies. This only encourages substandard work. In addition, taking raw, unfinished, version and finding bugs in it, you take on the work of the performer. It is hardly advisable to carry someone else's work, helping with the careless worker. Proceeding to acceptance should work only when its Executive claims that it fully complies with terms of reference.

If you find that you are trying to mislead you with the best performer does not have anything to do. Can work with are not very qualified, but it is impossible to work with a liar. During the reception, work should verify that all items of technical tasks. If something does not satisfy you, but technical it corresponds to the task, you can blame only themselves to exploring the issue of insufficient stage of the problem. In this case, order completion, considering it as a new job. If some items technical specifications are implemented satisfactorily, the performer must do rework, and before it is finished it should be assumed that the work they have not done. Some may seem that the proposed over- formalize all the relations specialist for Computing Machinery.

However, practice shows that this formalization allows to avoid many disputes, errors and misunderstandings. In addition, you will free your time, which can be spent with a significantly greater benefit. If you order the development or modernization program, the formalization is a must. Programmers are often different to those that are doing what they feel more comfortable and more like, not what is expected of them. The ideal is where the work performed takes a specialist in computer science, but not associated with the performer. For example, to tailor-made Bookkeeping software can another programmer with an accountant. The accountant will assess how well implemented calculation algorithms, and the programmer will not be misleading, dismissing assertions such as "do impossible "or" so decided to make all programs. " In the supply of computer technology as an independent expert can assess its real value and quality. If you do not have a suitable expert, you can try understand yourself. Help in the Internet can provide. Here you can learn a great deal, in addition, you can send a question in the appropriate forum, and get an answer completely independent specialist. Of course, if you have to company employs only a few people and an expert on computer technology has proved popular, can not be written terms of reference, limiting interpretation. If this at least sometimes arise misunderstandings, be sure to go to the writing style of communication.

MacBook Computer

Wozniak was an idealist by nature – from the dream was that access to the personal computer had everything, so the Apple I and was sold at a record low for this unit price at 666 dollars. Apple Computer 1 is different from its predecessors, above all, I did not use teletaypovy terminal (running to 60 characters per second.), His place was replaced by TV interface – which significantly raised the output speed. Also, Apple I was among the first personal computers were sold in assembled form. And of course it is very important, something that until then no one has yet invented a computer store introduced in program, and the Apple 1 was provided adapter allows you to store information on the tape reels. The success of Apple's model came with the release of Apple II. It was the first personal computer in a plastic case with color graphics. This computer cost $ 1298. Apple II was different from the first model – 8 expansion slots, implemented to work with color in 16 shades, but most importantly includes support for PAL / NTSC, which allowed him to connect to any color TV, and drive for 5.25-inch floppy disks.

Demand for PC Apple II was so great that the Apple II are swept from the shelves. By 1980, three years after the development of Apple II, the company achieved an annual turnover of $ 10 million. Apple III was released May 19, 1980. Cost from 4500 to 7800 dollars, depending on the configuration has more than twice as fast processor Synertek c 6502A 2MHz clock frequency. By the time of discontinuation of Apple III in December 1983 had been sold 75 Apple III. Apple Lisa, appeared in 1983: the Motorola 68000 processor 5 MHz, 1 MB RAM, 3 expansion slots, hard drive 5 MB ProFile, improved floppy disk drive Twiggy 871 KB, as well as a parallel port and the ability to connect a computer mouse. In addition to Apple Lisa has developed its own operating system LOS – Lisa Office System with a graphical interface. Price $ 9995 frightened off many potential buyers of Apple Lisa.

In '84 came with the Apple Lisa II advanced features and almost half the price. At the same time saw the light of the first Macintosh that cost 2495 dollars. Sales have been very successful, and itself lineup Mac continues to evolve and to this day. Currently, computers and laptops Apple MacBook users continue to gain the love and comfort at the expense of a great operating system, Mac OS X, which is installed on each Mac computer and laptop MacBook. Apple has released three series of notebooks – it's MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Apple MacBook – is a versatile notebook suitable for most users, equipped with a display of 13.3 inches and allows you to perform all routine tasks with the highest comfort. MacBook Pro, in contrast to the usual MacBook equipped with a powerful graphics processor, MacBook Pro and is designed for professionals. Source: Computer web site about Apple laptops MacBook, reviews and tests

Cartridge MLT

You have purchased an inexpensive and convenient printer Samsung ML-1640 (1641/1645/2240/2241). But later ran into some problems. First of all – a printer like zazhevat paper, or take multiple sheets, which are then stuck in the printer, Basically you can get used to gently pull the jammed paper without damaging the printer and put up with this lack of remembering that the printer all the same is not expensive. Secondly – the producer of "protecting" Cartridge MLT-D108S from subsequent refills. Starter toner cartridge (sold with the printer) is designed for 700 copies at 5% coverage of the page (this is half the usual add-on) and printed copies of these 700 printer is blocked. You can continue to print Only after you put it in a new cartridge Samsung MLT-D108S whose value is almost equal to the cost of a new printer. The new cartridge will print 1500 copies and the printer is again blocked.

Refill cartridge will, unnecessarily reset chip ink cartridge Samsung ML 1640 MLT-D108S is currently not possible, these cartridges have a chip of a new type S3CC921, with encryption of programming. But the solution to this problem still exists. In order to display an ability to refill cartridges MLT-D108S to do once flashing printer. After flashing has been made, the device does not respond to the chip and ID. Cartridges can be refilled with no problem. If you while working on stitched printer blinking red light, it is sufficient to disable the printer from the network switch and turn it on again, thus going counter reset printer. After flashing can use any ink cartridges series ML-1610, 1615,2015, SCX-4521, Xerox 3117, the printer is the key. For cartridge refilling MLT-D108S Toner fits ML-1210. And finally – after flashing (counter reset) printer, you lose the warranty.


You can not go to the site OpenID, Classmates, websites anti-virus companies, etc. (Sometimes goes down, but offers to send sms to reactivate allegedly because of fault on the site server) What to do? The reason is the malicious program. SMS not sent. It's just a 'divorce' on the money. You go through the 'My Computer' on the disk where the operating system is Windows.

Normally this is drive 'C'. Next to the folder Windows => System32 => drivers => etc (C: WindowsSystem32driversetc) etc in the folder find the hosts file and open it with notepad. We find there the string: # localhost name resolution is handled within DNS itself. # localhost erase all lines that are below these. Reboot your PC or laptop. We try to go to the site you want.

It is also desirable to check the antivirus of your PC. Can you keep on your computer (Establish) a lot of games and / or programs? In general, yes but it is not desirable. Each installed game or program a little less at the speed of your computer and less to its stability and security. (Do not keep 50 games especially if you play from the 50 to 2 or 3. The same applies to software). Obviously should not be deleted (if know exactly what). Computer – this is not a pantry. Trash on the PC should not be (the author – to write this line easily, but get rid of junk on your computer, and in the pantry, it's hard.