New Sherlock Holmes Game For The Nintendo DS

Puzzles with the master detective Sherlock Holmes, one of the most famous private investigator in the world, has a new gig. For a long time, the detective determined together with his assistant Dr. Watson in various computer games. The online Department store has tested a new game and introduces it. In the latest game, a case at Windsor Castle is to solve. Read more here: Mashable. The game for the Nintendo DS is apparently mainly for children.

Who wants to emulate the great duo of investigators and expects a complex puzzle game with great challenges will probably disappointed by the game. The case at Windsor Castle provides only a framework action basically for several mini-detective games. These are mostly quite easy, quite suitable also for children. For example must be cracked locks or composed images. The biggest challenge is the detective tests. Here the players from three theories has the right on the basis of evidence previously gathered during dialogues and games show. Multiple locations and a simple control make this game a perfect family game.

In addition, the game can be saved and also switched off after a solved puzzle. Later, the player can enter then just back at the appropriate place. Unfortunately, the game has some weaknesses. A missing a language issue. Reading the many dialogues and texts on the display of the Nintendo DS is essential and can be quite exhausting. The powerups are another weakness. These are available only at extra game points and can often to be desired. More information: Press / GmbH Lisa Neumann