To begin with, let us define – what can we attribute to our competitors. Speaking candidly Ali Partovi told us the story. Take, for example, consulting services (for example, my 'BusinessForward "), but now there are so many different companies who deliver seminars, taught all sorts of methods give different recommendations. And in our area there are people who are implementing the administrative management technology of L. Ron Hubbard, and there are those who simply use it. We can be attributed to their direct competitors.

We still apply the same technology. But sometimes, talking to people thing comes to funny when you hear: "I'm such a good coach I know! He learns to manage the companies on the basis of dreams "When I hear such things, I even have my eyes expands: "You can elaborate. So, what is his technique? "And in response I hear:" He explains that a person sleeps and dreams, somewhere around ten dreams a night, and do not quickly wake up, do not have anywhere to run, to lie to comprehend, "and so on. So it turns out if I do not dream any dream, then I can not manage your company? You can not believe this or believe, but if it believed it really possible to get any result, but what? Very often we have different second-guessing at the expense of its competitors, even though I do not think these companies competitors. The only thing that can show people just how it is stupid. In my opinion, better to have certain technologies that work in any way.