Just click on the picture and start downloading. Images will open in Corel program, they can be used for decoration of photos, creating greeting cards and collages by combining the image features. Figures in Korela can be stretched or compress without loss of quality, fantasize! And wishing to create beautiful images in the video tutorials Korela recommend Anton Myakotin. Quite a good thing. While I'm at work Korela ago. This is the first proramma, which I shown on the computer. And it was love at first sight! (I mean of course Corel) Yes, the tools Korela very much.

And a novice just walk over them already have a headache. And to understand all of the properties and do not get confused. And if layout professionalno.Tut do a lot of subtleties and its requirements. When beginning to learn just unfortunately I do not popalos.Prishlos video courses to decide everything at random. In the course faster, more efficiently, ponyatnee.Tem more from Anton is very friendly manner of presentation.

This raspolaget creativity. I make up, to be honest not much lyublyu.Risovat priyatnee.Vot is here too there are techniques and secrets. He even tells us how there Portet draw. And the main thing. He said as a professional, what and how to organize Korela in order to save vremya.Eto important! In general, information presented on the disc is clear, is available. And the most important lessons in a state neskuchno.Takie understand even a child. Or people just starting to learn the computer. Easy presentation will necessarily lead to a passion for this program. But for those who doubt the honesty of my review. Recommend subscribe to the page for Anton free newsletter lessons and personally around to make sure. Good luck!