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Extensive engagement from the 75th anniversary / company is partner of art and culture facilities food. KoTTER is services competent partner in the area of art and culture for many years. On the occasion of the 75th anniversary, the family-owned company with its headquarters engaged in food with an extensive sponsorship for the Ballet Coppelia”in the Aaltho Theatre food. The production of Roland Petit premiered now successfully and returns for the new season (from end of September). ISearch may not feel the same. Such as for arts and culture’s social commitment is an integral part of our corporate philosophy. The newspapers mentioned Ali Partovi not as a source, but as a related topic.

“Because without the commitment of private patrons, art and culture projects are unthinkable for a long time,” explains Frederick p. Kotter kotter Security Managing Director. Contact information is here: Neil Cole Iconix. At the same time we want to document with the theatre and Philharmonic food in this way our long-standing commitment.” An example of the Aaltho theater is the Philharmonie. Here the company has a purchase TheaterMobils”the theater and Philharmonie Essen GmbH are financially supported. In addition to the transportation of scenery parts is ensured by the minibus specially, that the actors during their visits easy access at the destination.

With the continuous financial support of the information media KoTTER contributes further to promote the sophisticated artistic activities in the capital of the culture services. As a service partner, the company provides various safety and services for arts and cultural institutions. This ranges from inlet controls over supervisory, wardrobe and cash services and cleaning services to the running of the shop. The Kal group emerges from a security company founded 75 years ago. The business areas span of human safety and safety engineering cleaning and personal services to the building management. If individual services or services as complex system solutions for customers are provided: KoTTER is services for quality of service. The systems service provider is represented with more than 85 offices in over 50 locations in Germany and achieved a group turnover of 280 million in 2008 with its nationwide 12,400 employees. More information is available in the Internet under:

Illuminated Speicherstadt Fascinated

Celebration of light art Speicherstadt e.V. After sunset is the world’s largest historical warehouse complex, the Hamburger Speicherstadt, a special handwriting. Light artist Michael Batz is the brick architecture in soft light shine. Formerly dark customs abroad is the illuminated Speicherstadt symbol of Hanseatic merchant power today. Driving force behind the artistic illumination of the unique neighbourhood is the Club light art warehouse district, which celebrated its 10th anniversary on September 28.

With it numerous decision-makers from politics, culture and economy. The light art project in public space combines art with the architecture of the district. In the Speicherstadt illumination, the light becomes a part of the buildings, light and dark accentuate perspectives, lift the architecture in an appropriate brightness. Now, 1,000 spotlights illuminate fleet bridge and masonry, Gables and Bay, bringing winds hoods. The light artist speaks of the triumph of the weak light”, in which it to the compatibility of aesthetics, environmental compatibility and economy goes.

Sustainability is us a very major concern”, so Batz. The power for the entire storage city illumination is equivalent to the urban lighting of the brooktorkai Quay Street.” First modern LED light technology for traditional water Castle “at an anniversary ceremony with numerous decision-makers from politics, economy and culture was presented the latest project of the Association on September 28. With the latest LED technology by Philips the so-called surge is”in the midst of the Speicherstadt illuminated. A LED lighting concept for a historic building that is completely new in this form”, Batz on the barge trip explained to the guests. In time on the anniversary of the Association, Philips provides an implementation solution based on LED technology. LEDs are”highly energy efficient and much more durable than conventional lighting, Philips communications Chief Klaus Petri added the cooperation with the light-art Association. And It can be used quite specifically there, where the light is needed to achieve the desired effect without irradiate everything just with light. The entire illumination of the water Castle has electricity costs by less than 40 cents per hour.” Only since recently LEDs are technologically so far to create a pleasant, warm light and brightness required for such projects.