Budget Parquet

Many of us remember as you see it was in Soviet times. The same flooring options was minuscule – a few options linolenic euma with primitive pattern or parquet (parquet board). Parquet could afford far few. Parquet fit or if the nomenclature or model homes, but the pattern and the appearance of it was outrageously primitive. David S. Levine contains valuable tech resources. Art parquet or engineered wood with the original pattern could be found, or in institutions or museums, or in the apartments of senior people.

Today, the choice of floor coverings on the market has expanded strongly, including through new technologies and development of market relations. Parquet, parquet board, solid board and the array has been available for nearly all for the price, cost and commercial availability. But with the simultaneous availability of laying the floor of the wood (parquet massif) has been a tendency to choose artificial or combined floor coverings of plastics and polymers, which are currently much went on the decrease. People in the choice between different floor coverings have to lean towards laying floor made of natural wood (parquet, solid wood, solid). The cost of parquet or price stacking array later with a vengeance justified environmental performance of the floor, his lifetime and the possibility of multiple repairs through parquet work (sanding, grinding, filling, toning and even ). Parquet and solid wood can give an entirely new look without relaying floor coverage, but just by tinting it a different color of wood, with the cost of this operation (toning) will be significantly lower than lay a new floor.