The EcoDisc – The Umwelfreundliche Alternative To The Normal DVD 5

The EcoDisc a revolutionary and umwelfreundliche alternative to the standard DVD-5 new to MK DiscPress GmbH the EcoDisc the first eco-friendly DVD. Using today’s materials and technical processes, the EcoDisc DVD offers all the advantages of a standard DVD 5. Get more background information with materials from koch. And this same capacity, playability and excellent optical and electrical properties. The EcoDisc is 5 not only thinner, lighter and more flexible than a normal DVD, it is also completely free of toxic bonder (glue). EcoDisc less is often more, the difference is clear, if you have a look at the carbon footprint (CO2 balance) the EcoDisc throw. Compared to the DVD 5 the EcoDisc to 50% is less polycarbonate, the oil-based basic raw material for the production of a DVD or CD. Saves 50% of energy in the production by the halving of the raw material consumption. Are all factors is considered when producing an EcoDisc DVD instead of a conventional DVD 5, reduce CO2 emissions by 52%.

But it is not only the carbon footprint (CO2 balance) is low. The thinner EcoDisc reduces the volume of the transport from the factory to the consumer clear, resulting in reducing shipping costs and to conserve fuel. The storage capacities are higher for the EcoDisc and their low weight saves postage. The flexibility guarantees a higher durability when it is processed, packed or delivered to consumers. And finally, when the disc reaches to the end of their life cycle, she can by the absence of the toxic adhesive to 100% recycled are. EcoDisc a proven concept of the EcoDisc offers not only an economically viable and environmentally friendly alternative to a DVD-5, she already has a successful job history in the most important magazines and newspaper publishers, major consumer goods manufacturers, Governments, and editors of film, educational and promotional content. Go to-the EcoDisc of environmental for the sake the EcoDisc is the logical choice for the fulfilment of your important climate goals.

Disposal And Recycling Of Empty Toner Cartridges

Every owner of a laser printer knows the procedure sustainability when buying new toner. Device of the participant tips 2000, for example, when a Brother MFC 7420 toner end, a corresponding note that timely new supplies must be ordered appears in time in the display of the printer. Usually, this message flashes several weeks before the TN 2000 is really empty toner cartridge. So enough time to get a new toner cartridge, if no stock is held in a timely manner. Both in stores and on the Internet there are a large number of companies that specialize in the sale of toner cartridges and printer cartridges. Empty toner cartridges for a long time are rightly considered special or toxic waste. A corresponding regulation provides for an environmentally suitable disposal in the German waste law. Ensure the user of a laser printer with the disposal of its empty toner cartridge does not on its own, all manufacturers have committed to take them back.

Cartridge is returning an empty TN 2000 Nowadays relatively easy and convenient. And completely free of charge for the buyer. For this, the buyer uses the packaging (cardboard and protector) of the new participant 2000 toner. An already stamped and addressed package receipt is attached to the new toner cartridge. The package must be taken only when the corresponding parcel services provider. Alternatively the empty toner cartridges can be, for example, urban civil offices or large electronics stores. For this purpose, suitable containers are provided. Furthermore, the empty cartridges are also recycled.

In this regard, used toner cartridges for a new use are recycled. Two variants are available. With the so-called refill toner: here are the used TN 2000 filled cartridges with new toner. For filling will drill a hole in the previous cartridge, filled and sealed again. In addition there are rebuild toner: this empty toner cartridges are purchased and filled with new toner. Before the cartridge is However a re-use tested. If necessary wear parts are replaced. In both cases, the recycled toner are offered again for sale. In contrast to the original cartridges of the manufacturer, it is a cheap alternative. Alex gardener

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Is the fire at another Where infants and young children be through false alarms not unnecessarily frightened and panic. It is therefore possible, by, for example, five smoke detectors in the living room, all sound floor and bedrooms, except the Mel-in the nursery. The system also works in combination with an emergency alert button or a corresponding radio remote control. Principle of the multi-signal technology into its devices EI Electronics a highly advanced, sophisticated radio technology that reliably applied in practice for many years. This multi-signal technology works automatically as a range amplifiers: the device can not only receive the alarm signal, but pass it on to the other detectors. Also, the radio modules have an own ten-year lithium battery Ei605MTYRF-D. This prevents that the smoke detector’s battery performance is diminished by the radio module. Altogether, EI Electronics has a wide range of radio accessories for professional and individual solutions and constantly evolving it.

We have observed a growing demand in the last two years after radio-networked solutions. This applies to applications in kindergartens or supervised housing situations as well as for single – and multi-family housing with secure conscious owners”, explains Philip Kennedy of EI Electronics Germany. Interested planners, installers and dealers can request a free information package. For more information and ordering, Tel. 0211 / 8903296 or on.

Images can be obtained from. Brief profile of EI Electronics: the company EI electronics headquartered in Shannon (Ireland) is Europe’s market leader in the development, manufacture and marketing of smoke, heat, and Kohlenmonoxid(co)-Warnmeldern for privately used rooms. Egg of Electronics offers a wide range of detectors with wire – or optional wireless networking, as well as 10-year lithium batteries with more than 40 years of experience. Egg lectronics developed all products with its own team of experts. Development and production ISO 9001:2000-certified electronics are exclusively in the hands of egg. The company meets the highest requirements for security, performance and reliability due to the continuous development of its products. All smoke detectors are Germany VdS-zertifiziert.In egg is represented lectronics with an own sales, marketing and customer support centers, and a central warehouse.