UEFA European Champions League

Chicharito Hernandez biography Javier Hernandez Balcazar, better known as Chicharito, has been practically a celebrity in Mexico for the past 12 months approximately. And it is not that he has appeared suddenly that although it is young already had several successes with their computers which had jugadp. Since its inception in Chivas Coras already gave that talk and hence the lower forces Tri coaches call him under the age of 17. The bad thing was that Javier was injured prior to the World Cup that ultimately would win in Peru privandose participate in this event. The player who could say that replaced it would be Carlos Vela that later you would be worth visoreado by the English Arsenal team.

The subsidiary went directly to Chivas de Guadalajara where he also was steady and productive to the point of being the tournament scoring champion. This earned her to be called now to the Sub20 selection. In the mundialito held in Canadian lands returned to shine with their own light and coach those days, Javier Aguirre He sent him to call the senior team. In the parties in preparation for the World Cup in South Africa 2010 Chicharito Hernandez had outstanding interventions in friendly matches which earned him to be seen as one of the biggest stars to shine during the World Cup. It was at that stage of preseason games of the Tri what worth you to be considered by people of the team from the Premier League in England, the Red Devils of Manchester United, his current team. The team of viewers followed his career closely and they felt that if they should make the services of the player should be immediately or they would risk that its value will increase if it had an outstanding performance in World Cup competition. And this was exactly what happened. Despite not having played holder all the matches he played Mexico, Chicharito took every opportunity that the Basque you gave and took present annotations in games against France and Argentina.

Chicharito Hernandez to Europe already once finished the World Cup, Javier should report immediately with his new Squadron already is he mustered to begin the Championship, the Premier League. The English team began with exhibition match against his previous team Chivas where he played a half with each team. Chicharito was present in cartons marking the first goal with Chivas. After the match preseason tour continued in United States where the Red Devils would play against a local League MLS stars combined, and that once more Chicharito would score a goal. Team would return home to take part in the first official competition for the team in Hernandez, the local Community Shield Cup era. In this encounter played before Chelsea Javier scored the goal which ultimately would serve that they won their first trophy of the year. Hence in front things have been climbing for good for Hernandez. Although the technical director of the Alex Ferguson team has been responsible for having the best adaptation to the League and it began using Exchange, Javier manages to score whenever there is opportunity. At this point they already won the Premier League and are in preparation to play against Barcelona in Spain on May 28 to compete in the UEFA European Champions League. He has scored a total of 20 goals in all competitions that has been part, the Premiership, Champions League and FA Cup. All that has been achieved has earned it with hard work.