Eurasia Institute Fee

Of course, you can order an individual or find a suitable specialized course, but it is fun is available for an additional fee. Do not forget, have to fork out and accommodation. – Language School reserves accommodation to choose from: from dorm rooms to apartments, where you can live as alone or with one of the classmates – explains the head of the department of education of "Gulf Stream" Svetlana Aksenova. – The best option – staying in a family where you can communicate every day on everyday topics, improving conversational German. Speaking candidly Ali Partovi told us the story. Managers for the resettlement of carefully selected host families, we recommend the friendly and hospitable hosts, trying to ensure that students with home comfort and coziness. An additional advantage of this option – close acquaintance with the German way of life, traditions, values and culture. Homestay without meal will cost 524, with breakfast – 660 euros per month. Half board (breakfast and dinner) will have to shell out 850, and for full board (breakfast + lunch + dinner) – 1040 euro.

However, in this case, discounts are provided. Additional costs: Registration fee schools (80 euros), transfer airport / train station – a place of settlement in the same direction (75 euros), travel expenses (100 euros), health insurance (20 euros), the visa fee at the Embassy (35 euros), transport costs in the country (12 euros per week), spending money (50 euro per week) Tutorials (40 euros), with examinations certificate (60 euros). Guest students Eugenia Lyalko, listener language courses schools Eurasia Institute (Germany): – I just love it! After a month stay in the country could communicate with anyone on any subject.

Achieving Goals

What is different from the dream goal? Our desires can be divided into two groups: the execution of one like right now, immediately (and we sell them!), The execution of other wants to 'in principle', 'time', 'ever' – it remains a dream. Often intention to learn a foreign language belongs to the latter category. 'That would be good to excellent knowledge of English (German, Spanish)' – you are dreaming. To make the dream become a reality, you need to know how to set goals. Step 1.

Need to visualize your goal. First, determine what you want to get a result. It is for you. Why do you teach a language? Everyone has different goals: the workers – sharing experience with other countries, travel, negotiations with foreign partners, training, education abroad, translated literature in your specialty, contact the tourist trips; in another country live your relatives or close friends, and maybe be you want to teach a particular language for self-development. Decide what you want to learn: to be able to communicate fluently speak or read books and periodicals in foreign languages, watching movies? Think that now for you the most relevant. In any case not to proceed with their studies, if you want 'just to learn the language', 'here it is everywhere now need you! " Assignment: Imagine as vividly as possible and clearly what happens when you reach your goal.

This representation includes the goal of our subconscious resources and instincts, and the body is configured to achieve a result. Step 2. Needs a positive statement of your goals. Affirmatively to formulate your goal? This is what you seek, not something from which you want to get rid of. Our consciousness does not perceive negative statements end. Step 3. Needs to be fixed in the subconscious of your target Once you have staged a specific purpose, its must enter and secure in the subconscious mind, to penetrate it. Often, the people all the forces aiming to achieve a goal, yet subconsciously are not willing to pursue it. Psychological principles upon which you stated aim is fixed in the subconscious mind is self-hypnosis. Suggestion sent to the senses, and his main instrument – the repetition. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Ali Partovi. Step 4. Need to identify resources to achieve the goal now define the resources – time or financial. How much are you willing to spend money on training? How many hours a week you can devote to learning the language? Step 5. Should try to draw a direct target of exactly describe what you specifically want to achieve. Such specific targeting of certain goals can be planned, for example, to record in a diary of time on certain days or weeks and implement in stages. Incorrect: "I want to learn English." Correct: "I want to listen to the daily 30-minute audiokurs'. Step 6. Need to record your goals will always be tempted to leave because everything in words. However, no written goals often remain vague and utopian dreams. Writing down your goals, you make them concrete and specific. When you see your goals written down on paper, you can see them in a different light. Reflect, to examine them more closely, change, reject or improve. Step 7. Need to take the first step Determine with what you start. Think about what you're going to do to achieve your goal. 'What can I do to achieve its result' 'How can I start and maintain a process to get results? "

Tutor English

The point that just to exercise, it is only one aspect of the educational process and many people forget about the other side, not less time-consuming, which requires as much, if not more time-consuming – preparing for the sessions. On preparing for classes in English language tutor sometimes takes considerable time and energy – often need to find a book or textbook is under a certain student, student to analyze the mistakes made in past lessons and adjust the next lesson, as well as to think homework for students. If a tutor for the English language clearly underestimated the cost of training, then most likely all the above described work is done he will not, and hence result of your employment will be zero. Tutor English – School teacher – it's just a school teacher. Many individual English lessons are invited to the same teacher who teaches them in school, and therein lies the error and the lack of results from this study. The teacher works with the entire class and working for years on the same program written, and often simply not capable of adapt to the individual lessons and challenging students.

English tutor works individually with one student and the grading methods have slightly different tutors, and flexibility in preparing for the sessions a tutor is much better, as he has much more to change the structure and approach to employment than the teacher. – Tutors for all subjects at once? – Bypassing a party to such a nerdy! Remember that knowledge of one people in many subjects at once, can be very superficial, and therefore it may not be competent in many areas. English tutor can teach and know several other languages, but as a fact, it can not teach more science and mathematics and physics and computer science – is a charlatan who calls himself a professional. The very first lessons in this pseudo-tutor is clear that knowledge in every single region of strongly blurred and most importantly, English is also a tutor teaches you a surfactant, which means that you have an empty spend money. Good luck to you in choosing the right tutor for English!

Computer Progress

All that is happening now in the world around us – all subject to change and progress. Indeed, the technical development of our moving forward at a speed of jet aircraft. And to keep up with it of the progress and always be on the 'crest of a wave' to keep up everywhere, but rather move by leaps and bounds, and preferably ahead of most progress. Most relevant to the development of modern Rights – that knowledge of foreign languages and in particular English language – since it is the language of international communication. Mikkel Svane: the source for more info. In short, you have already decided to study English. Bravo! The right decision Now the most important point – is the choice of teaching method.

Consider the way of learning English using personal computer. Given that the computer is no longer a luxury but a necessary appliances, moreover it sometimes a necessity in everyday life, whether you are a student, the student or employee. may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Therefore undertake to assume that the computer you already have, moreover, there is a desire to learn English. In this case, your computer may be the perfect assistant for learning English. In practice, this might look like this. Thus, the computer – this is a very complex and intelligent assembly, all of its features, perhaps, may know only the most advanced programmer and creator of this machine. Believe me, that in order to make your computer help you learn English you will not necessarily be the most educated users, enough to be mediocre user, incidentally, to explore the possibilities of computer technology, you can with the teaching of English.

Foreign Languages

How often do we visit our favorite websites for learning foreign languages? And indeed whether there are any in our personal arsenal? These issues today is to treat very seriously if we want to raise Efficiency of Foreign Languages. And the best proof of this are the numbers. For example, according to a Sloan Survey of Online Learning, in 2007 one in five university graduates western countries visited as At least one online course development language, and growth in the number of such students at that time amounted to 9.7% per year. Above this is worth considering, given how the Russian language skills different from the average Western target, and this difference, as you know, not in our favor. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to highlight the interesting and popular Internet service that offers online services to the study of foreign yazykov.Sayt: WordSteps – a service for those who want to learn foreign words, but has no desire or ability to spend too much time. According to the creators of the site, 15 minutes per day spent on WordSteps, will add to the vocabulary Supplies user 20yu new foreign words.

Thus, the objective of the project – allowing users to easily and affordably learn from 3000 to 7000 foreign words in a year. In our opinion, this is a very good result, Considering that according to statistics the average native speaker uses no more than 2000 native words for everyday communication. Note that – it's domestic development, so the site is fully translated into Russian. Basis of service is a set of thematic dictionary and learn words at 9-different languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese and Russian. What's interesting is that each user can create a personal collection of dictionaries containing the words he needed, but due to the possibility of voting for dictionaries, the best sets of words fall on the home page. To begin study of words, simply select interesting vocabulary, then the user will be able to pass any of 6ti exercises, each of which is coached by a certain perception of words, whether its reading, the choice of options, spelling and so on. All site features are free to start using that you can not pre-register. If you want to get access to the statistics of words learned, and stories study them, you are invited to start their personal page. Here you can chat with other users of the site and add them as friends. In a word, the site leaves a good impression because of its simplicity and opportunities vocabulary without wasting time, as well dream almost every one of us. So, the key features of the service: 9 languages available to study the possibility to monitor personal progress and history learning words easy to perceive the interface in Russian and English language service is completely free opportunity to create personal collections of words to study in the near future plans to add audio and visual materials to better consolidate the words in conclusion I would like to mention the natural desire to get a mobile version of WordSteps, to spend time with on the way to work, standing in line or waiting for something.