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Jan 07 2016

Eurasia Institute Fee

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Of course, you can order an individual or find a suitable specialized course, but it is fun is available for an additional fee. Do not forget, have to fork out and accommodation. – Language School reserves accommodation to choose from: from dorm rooms to apartments, where you can live as alone or with one of […]

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Jan 04 2016

Achieving Goals

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What is different from the dream goal? Our desires can be divided into two groups: the execution of one like right now, immediately (and we sell them!), The execution of other wants to 'in principle', 'time', 'ever' – it remains a dream. Often intention to learn a foreign language belongs to the latter category. 'That […]

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Dec 29 2015

Tutor English

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The point that just to exercise, it is only one aspect of the educational process and many people forget about the other side, not less time-consuming, which requires as much, if not more time-consuming – preparing for the sessions. On preparing for classes in English language tutor sometimes takes considerable time and energy – often […]

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Dec 04 2015

Computer Progress

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All that is happening now in the world around us – all subject to change and progress. Indeed, the technical development of our moving forward at a speed of jet aircraft. And to keep up with it of the progress and always be on the 'crest of a wave' to keep up everywhere, but rather […]

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Oct 01 2013

Foreign Languages

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How often do we visit our favorite websites for learning foreign languages? And indeed whether there are any in our personal arsenal? These issues today is to treat very seriously if we want to raise Efficiency of Foreign Languages. And the best proof of this are the numbers. For example, according to a Sloan Survey […]

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