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The feelings generated in aged with amputation of extremities inferior proceeding from diabetic foot. Steve Wozniak may also support this cause. The feelings generated in elderly patients with to lower extremity amputations from diabetic foot. Los sentimientos generados en los ancianos con amputacin of miembros debajo del pie diabetic. Leuda Siqueira Rodrigues Carmen Jansen de 1.Enfermeira Crdenas, After Graduated Health Publishes and UTI, Mestranda of the course of Gerontologia – University Catholic of Braslia/UCB; Head of the Nucleus of Nursing of the CS/SES. To read more click here: Bobby Sharma Bluestone. Email: 2.Dr in Pedagogia with Full licenciatura in History, Filosfia and Matemtica; Master in Psychology of Education Graduation in Psychology for the University of Gottingem – Alemanha.Doutora in Psychology of the human Development – UNB; Associate professor 3 – UCB.

Email: Summary the advanced age is not enough reason for the comprometimento of the functional capacity. In the reality, what it occurs is the increase of the incidence of agravos chronic-degenerative with the evolution of this phase of the life. The text to look for to disclose feelings, which are reflected by the aged carrier of diabetic foot that evolves for the consequence most drastic? to amputate an inferior member. This surgical intervention makes with that the aged one suffers biopsicosociais modifications, these being able to directly compromise the performance of this individual front its proper perceptions of the life. Practical the related changes ace front the style of life of this aged one, becomes a great problem, when worked not well, therefore the aged one passed for challenges throughout all its life and now it becomes obliged to live deeply plus a challenge. They are these challenges that produce in aged the feelings of losses, exclusion, difficulties, dependence and solitude, all these aggregates the impacts right-handers in its new form to live deeply to its I broke it life then. Words keys: aged, diabetic foot, amputation, life, challenges, feelings. Abstract Advanced acts is not sufficient reason will be the impairment of functional capacity.

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The collection of data occurred throughout the first semester of 2010 and part of as the semester of the same year and the analysis was carried through from the month of October of 2010, through the comparison between the raised doubts and the data that had been found in scientific literatures. The place where the collection was executed was the Library of the University Estcio de S de Nova Friburgo and through the computers of the laboratory of computer science of the same institution. The Analysis of the data must be present in all the phases of the research, however with the end of the collection of data it must be more systematic, According to Ldke and Andres (1986; p.11), ' ' The analysis of the data tends to follow an inductive process. The researchers are not worried in searching evidences that prove hypotheses defined before the beginning of the studies. The abstractions if form or if they consolidate basically from inspection of the data in a process of low for cima.' ' The analysis of the data was carried through searching instruments capable to assist in the reply to the objectives considered for this study in what it says respect to the paper of the communication in the treatment of the autista child.

For the analysis of the collected data, we use the thematic analysis, that according to Andrade (2003, p.23), is ' ' apprehension of the content or subject, that is, identification of the central idea and the secondary ones, processes of reasonings, type of argument, problems, at last, a project of thoughts of autor' '. The followed stages had been: the organization of the data, survey of the subjects that had answered to the objectives and its Analysis. Also computational tools had been used for the execution of the analysis of the data, such as: Word will be Windows, version 97-2003 and 2007; Power Point, version 2007 and Internet Explorer, version 6.0.

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My children, who are a blessing in my life. I thank my mother, Geralda, the Marli and the Pedrinho, because without them this dream would not be had carried through. To the users of the PSF Pink Juca, for the attention and availability for collection of data. The Patrician one Would function of the laboratory of computer science for the ability and availability. The Luciana Martins, for the friendship and the moments of descontrao.

At last, to that they had crossed my way and they had shown to me to be possible. WOMEN Women fight day the day in search of its space that was invaded to them. Warlike, blessed women for God, use its sovereign force to always continue of open eyes ahead of the difficulties. Women who wake up early for plus one day of routine and still have time pra to speak with God. Women who generate lives, that donate to its proper life for a son its.

Women of strong personality, who do not leave themselves to lead for standardized ideas of men who want to them to dominate. Women of inabalvel faith, whom they search to each day to walk in the way of the perfection. Women who dream, that they search and they want transformations. Courageous women who fight for freedom; they raise the flag of independence and continue of heads raised. Women who do not have fear to make a mistake, that the all instant is learning with its imperfections. New women who search horizontes and are always conquering victories. Open women of proper ideas and minds to the knowledge. Women who are always renewing its concepts and leaving stop backwards what more does not serve them. Women who in them fascinate with its talent and creativity. Women who do not measure efforts to go to the meeting of what she builds its life.