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Nov 24 2016

Screen Printing

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Currently, the spectrum of application of this method of printing is very wide, which is associated with specific features screen printing. Now screen-printing is used not only in printing but also in the textile, electronic, automotive, glass, ceramic and other industries. The initial stage in the process of screen printing – preparation photoforms. Image formed […]

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Apr 05 2014

International Association

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The critical one still includes the more-value concept, the appropriation of the work that generates the profit of the industrials; the concept of profit generated exclusively for the value-work is economically unsustainable, and proper Marx posthumously admits problems with the concept in published rough drafts (282). He attributes the moral interpretation that Marx makes of […]

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Sep 01 2012

Jerusalem Saturday

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100,000 times imagine to try to protect something more grande". Emerson came up then that the attacks could be amassed. fires in Israel follow in investigation process. Until the moment one catched an Arab adolescent, who recognizes to have left " inintencionadamente" ashes without extinguishing after making a bonfire with its friendly. Nevertheless the subject […]

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Oct 09 2011

History Of Voting

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Voting – method of decision-making group of people (meeting, the electorate), in which the general opinion is formulated by counting the votes of the members of the group. Such dry definition of this great speech can be found in Wikipedia. Why great you ask? There are a number of reasons. But first things first. Voting […]

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