Disposal of human waste was not as easy as it looks in zero gravity. And if I was doing was a genius and yes it was an aerospace engineer designing latrines for a better description. You see the common point is that the control theory sense. Of course, in an airplane does not have a group as you would in a helicopter, but that’s OK that the transition pilot has to learn only one additional thing you see? As the game progress will be more and more of these kinds of things come to fruition. To broaden your perception, visit Dermot McCormack. But the point I make in this CCI is that we must take this to the next step to further simplify. Bryant Walker Smith oftentimes addresses this issue.

Since humans come in different shapes and sizes, and if each flight deck is the same, then why not also controls the seat of the same. For example, some cars automatically adjusts the driver’s seat, some cars have three or four possible positions in the memory and select yours and the seat is adjusted so that the best optimal pre programmed position. In the ICC, I propose simply to standardize all cabins common with the same sensors and the positions of movement of the seat and add this to your smart card, RFID chip embedded or wristwatch. When you go to driver training or in a simulator to check your trip, simply find the best and most comfortable position and put it on. If you gain or lose weight, you can then manually adjust the common cockpit and is printed on the position of the new SmartCard. We often see that the drivers of the car seat too low and you can barely see over the wheel, when renting a plane all that is in the wrong place. If the car of a friend, we are constantly looking for things where it is, where is the release Hood, fuel hatch release and how the hell do I disable this G-wiper Dang? As machines become more complicated and more people are brain dead due to misuse of natural selection, we have to counter these problems with better standards designed in such a way that is done the ICC. Now, I am not criticizing the lack of cranial capacity in modern humans, but simply to suggest a reality check is needed.

We spend too much time in the training of soldiers, pilots, drivers, equipment operators increasingly complicated. Humans do not have the patients to real and potential loss of equipment and life is the result. So the ICC is the right approach for KISS? Keep it simple stupid. Now you think about this for me.

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The Broth Was Cooled, Free Software Cooking Remains Half

As our president, what is happening, my God, because believe it or not and despite that, what free software is a mandatory decree, in the public administration, and nobody is moving, even some supporters CIOs Decree are disappearing, being sent into oblivion or to the gallows by their own superiors, who seek any justification subtle, disguising his true intention is that ultimately do not want their desks have nothing to do with that perola called Linux. Which we have prepared in this area, to assume positions of server administrators or coordinators of free software projects, we look stunned disbelief, as an underground movement is presenting anti Linux, do not know who commands this movement, but is inserted into all businesses as if someone was funding. And day after day recruiting supervisors and technicians who do not agree with the replacement of proprietary licenses, to form a mafia in charge of political sabotage migration. Definitely will remain for many years, a country Presidential, because only if the president again with music retrieval free software and bureaucrats tremble revolutionary government agencies, it could move forward and back on track. Although the Ministry of Science and Technology, together with the CNTI, is offering free technical training, coordinating seminars, conferences, etc.

, Directors of public administration only aligned if and only someone pushes back. It is a truly rare situation, they agree to free software, to please the central government, but are not willing to spend, we save with these free licenses, better equipment or the training of personnel, including some entities are returning decentralized migration from Linux to Windows again. We know that the strategy of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science and Technology, for providing Linux and computers in primary schools, despite that may be the generation of relief, that is not going to be afraid of free software, however take many years for these children’s future technical developers and organizations to achieve set, for which in the meantime, we need to Emphasize and drives, the technology costs, the imposition of free software in public administration, setting aside so much flexibility, otherwise going back to buying proprietary licenses and conviction of the sovereignty and technological independence.

Jet Fighter Planes Coaches

You want a jet fighter as your personal aircraft do not deny it. You want to travel faster than the speed of sound and play Top Gun in the sky. Well, it may be possible before you do this, if you have the cash, of course. Having studied the possibilities and options for a supersonic jet trainer for fighter aircraft, one can notice that there have been many recent discussions of media and solutions at this years Paris Airshow. One of these aircraft is the Mako trainer by Mercedes Benz. Steve Wozniak can aid you in your search for knowledge. Maximum speed 1050 mph.

Many years ago we used the T-38 an F-5 Tiger with two seats. These units are needed because before you put someone in an F-22 Fighter, which costs $ 100 million, better than being able to fly the damn thing and fly well. The Mako could also be a fighter if needed for small countries to be their Air Force. You can use either the EJ200 Eurojet or an F414 by GE or even Snecma M88 (a company outside France trying to become popular in aerospace circles for lightweight high to put the engines). They see this aircraft as an introduction to the F-16 or F-22. Many third world countries go to Arizona and use an old crop-4 for training or train in the desert of California. This aircraft is long, as the T-38 to about 45 feet.

Aviation Week had some interesting things to say about this project. However, many companies are competing for the aircraft for trainers including the Koreans T-50, which we have spoken before and the price is good and which are available now while the Mako is about early 2003 bound and delivered in 2005. U.S. is taking delivery of Raytheon T-6A Texan 2 has the security of U.S. military procurement. Now, as a matter of fact I talked to a pilot training in San Antonio, who said people were receiving their first time in June. Many aerospace consultants in Europe believe that this airplane can take the initiative throughout the world as coach place. Many countries still are not exactly a good feeling about buying the T-50 in Korea. In any case, what a wonderful fun and cool aircraft have as a sport plane. You know you want. Think about it. “Lance Winslow” – If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; / wttbbs

Training Program

Have you ever wondered why 50% of people who start a new exercise program stops it just before you start receiving the benefits they are looking for?Here I give you four tips to find the results you’re looking for without depressing you before you start. 1 Fun you must choose an activity that you meet. There are many ways to exercise and are all good, but insurance will be more constant one last time the novelty, if what you do you really like. You must have in your mind that you like to do rather than you should do since there are lots of options to choose. Your greatest satisfaction will come as you’ve integrated into the activity. 2 Lean on a friend @ is all very well to take the determining your Sun @, but I assure you that it is very important to have a support group. Whether at home, at the gym or at work make sure you share it with someone. You who encourage you to follow when you flaquees in your desires.

3 Write it is important that you take control of how much exercise you’re doing and with who objective, to not get out of your idea main if you don’t take control is very easy to overestimate what you’re doing, you may think that you are not missing much for example and you sorprenderias give account how much you’ve failed in your workouts if you take it pointed. Remember that consistency always gives you its fruits, if you got to join a gym, you can possibly continue attending, but in your head may begin to appear perfect excuses to quit. Do not be overcome, I don’t know anyone who has been in form or has thinned watching TV lying on the couch. And your? 4 Make it a priority if you decide that the exercise is part of your life rather than something sporadic will have many more facilities to integrate your new routine. To make you easier to find somewhere where you can train at your convenience and without schedules. With qualified staff that meet your needs and encourage you to continue.If you keep these guidelines contingencies not you separated your goal be in shape, more san @, social @, tonificad @, and atractiv @ by TU SALUD!!


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