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EBooks in the eBook catalog search and find. If you like to read, has filled quickly his Bookshelf. Electronic books can be a convenient and especially space-saving way, these can be quite relaxed on the computer or the laptop downloaded to read them directly on the monitor. The cost may be another factor, which speaks for an electronic book. l information. Energy Capital Partners often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Since no paper is required and the book also must be printed, % are eBooks usually at least 20-30 cheaper as a book in print form.

You can also just before and move back within a eBooks as Web-like search functions available. No time-consuming search a specific paragraph more, with a few clicks of the mouse you have this immediately at hand. If the eBook is a dictionary, this can be cost – and time-saving update. But not only for the reader, an electronic book has advantages, also for the authors are denying the benefits by the hand. You must be in an e-book don’t worry about page counts or Make presentation graphics, can be this a problem for book printing. Also niche can be using e-books easily provide, are not covered by normal bookstores because the circulation figures were too low. The Publisher also benefits, he saves the printing, warehousing costs, and can provide faster, because the customer simply downloads of his book. How do you get now a such e-book? There is a special eBook search engine called in this eBook catalog now it is instantly redirected to the providers of the desired book. Dmitriy Samarin

Windows Explorer

The bos KG on the EDV – Gerichtstag 2009 “farewell to the Aktenberg” is the motto of this year’s computer court day, on which this year again bremen online services GmbH & co. KG (bos KG) will be found. In addition to the proven, to thinking away from the judicial communications no longer EGVP KG the bos this year has some new solutions for the electronic legal relations in the luggage. “We are particularly curious Add-in on the reactions to our new offer, the Governikus for Microsoft Office”, Werner Hartnick, Manager of bos KG, “the add-in can be sent by OSCI news directly from Office applications such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, as well as from Windows Explorer without any installation of own clients. The complete message management is carried out in a separate mailbox from Outlook.” In addition, the bos KG presents the current state to a project that is being implemented currently together with dataport and IBM: S.A.F.E. (secure access to federated E-Justice/E-Government). This is a modern identity management System with a directory service.

It will bring great benefits for the users of E-justice services, because they will need in the future when each individual service log on and authenticate, but do this only once. S.a.f.e. then checks whether users are entitled to use the service and to send data and documents and confirmed this to the subject application. Two new developments of the product group Governikus signer is aimed mainly to manufacturers of specialist software. The Governikus signer integration Edition can be integrated into specialised software and enables to create and test electronic signatures directly from within the application, without having to use a custom signature software. The Governikus Web signer can be used within Web-based applications. Users from the judiciary and administration as well as the manufacturers of specialized software are invited to the bos to visit KG on level 3, to inform and consult. The EDV – Gerichtstag will take place from 23 to 25 September 2009 in the University of Saarland in Saarbrucken.

New Online Newspaper

More and more messages are distributed online via Internet. Under have clubs, associations and municipalities from Rhineland-Palatinate immediately the opportunity to present their messages free of charge. For every responsible in terms of publicity for a club, this is an interesting Portal is: the messages not only land on the desk of an editor, but are released usually at short notice after a small review. By placing a link, beyond even the own Internet presence will be optimized. The portal is divided into counties, and the cities of the State, so that the users can win a very quick overview of the latest news from his region. Through features such as ‘Article tell a friend about’, ‘Print article’ or ‘Article as pdf’, the set message very soon finds a wide distribution. In addition the connection of PRPORT Rheinland-Pfalz on Google News. Thus also the users can be achieved, although still unaware of the portal, but according to information research the relevant place. There is more information here:

Associative Life

Outline online Medien GmbH realized new Web page of Deutsche Public Relations Gesellschaft e. For even more opinions, read materials from Mikkel Svane. V. (DPRG). The new website of the Professional Association of PR and communication professionals meets the complex communication needs and tasks of the Association: the clear and up-to-date Newsdarstellung facilitates and speeds up the communication with the more than 3,000 members of the DPRG. an individually designed content management system allows the location-independent and flexible, yet reliable and competent care of content. The Web-based content management system enCMSystem of the V.G.I distribution company Internet mbH, the associated technology partner of outline, allows the simple and transparent maintenance of complex Web content and the upgrading of communication information: access rights can be individually distributed and constrained, the administration of the content via a location-independent network. Associative life and industry news currently and authentically depicted the creation of a modern website an Association for a complex challenge”, says CEO < outline > Josef feast.

in addition to the figure of the representative status, the structure and the content goals is not only to present the current life of the Association in its diversity, but actively to operate.” The presentation of the working groups and the regional branches directly with messages and dates be connected at. The activities of the Association and its cooperating organizations in the social networks are concentrated on the new website of the DPRG and mapped. “Her own plot is a professionally designed Web site your capital branding for a company as well as which an association is based: the plot can be built on the solid foundation of a recognizable brand is the own domain”, so feast. Multimedia tools and the integration of social networks are important networking approaches, which clearly is the solid structure of the Association or company. Are all current On the website, this affects communication content positive communication with existing customers a company or members of an association regardless of whether this occurs on own platform, in social networks or on classic news portals. Contact: Allison Flattenhutter outline – online media GmbH Schertlinstrasse 21 D-86159 Augsburg Tel.: + 49 (0) 821 579 452-10 the Internet outline online media agency websites implement creatively and professionally. Everything from a single source with this slogan is efficient teamwork. Multimedia, graphics, film, text, programming: An experienced and dynamic team created comprehensive websites; individual wishes and needs are professionally implemented in future – and growth-oriented concepts.

Full Service Internet Provider Accelerates Expansion Of Activities In The B2B Area

INTERNET AG: individual concepts for providers, agencies and telecommunications companies Frankfurt, April 7, 2010 the INTERNET AG has expanded its range of individual business services. The specialist focuses mainly on concepts and Internet solutions for the B2B sector. Companies of any size are the target group of the service provider to the Group and in particular Internet service providers, Web agencies and telecommunications provider. To a reliable, to provide high-performance and high-availability solution for these areas, the experienced experts develop individual service packages. In addition to the central location in Frankfurt am Main in close proximity to the DeCix and DENIC, the site offers in Amsterdam, Munich, Stuttgart and Hamburg INTERNET AG is represented. The headquarters in Frankfurt is powered by 100% green electricity. Customers can get a consistently good service in their respective contacts at all locations. To ensure the permanent availability, which operates Company redundant fibre routes.

Secured high speed connections when network access providers are offered in addition to the primary data center services including ADSL/SDSL connections, as well as high speed Internet connections. Through years of experience, the INTERNET AG here has developed a stable system. Hardware-related failures are thus reduced to a minimum. In addition to the supply of the corresponding grid connection tested firewall and VPN concepts now available are the customer, to guarantee the necessary security. Managed often no longer are deliverable with a single server services complex Internet applications. At this point the iNET load balancer is used, which distributed the load to be delivered according to various criteria.

The INTERNET AG to ensure its customers reliability as well as a very high scalability. Also SSL encryption can run through the load balancer, which enables a large relief of the server. The issue of safety in the operation of Internet services plays for the INTERNET AG a large role. The iNET firewall is tailored to a high-performance backup system for any type of Internet services.