Southern Cyprus

The blast occurred after a fire in a few deposits of gunpowder. It has caused large number of wounded. At least twelve people have died in an explosion at the naval base Evangelos Florakis, located in the city of Limassol in southern Cyprus, the Cyprus Weekly agency reported Monday. According to initial reports, the explosion occurred after a fire in a few deposits of gunpowder and has also caused a large number of wounded. A police spokesman quoted by CNA said in port there were stored 98 containers of gunpowder, of which two were burned and explosionaron shortly before 6: 00 local time (3.00 GMT). Robotics may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The circumstances are still unknown in the fire occurred them in tanks and police announced that it will be offering new details about the event throughout the day.

The most important now is that we’re sure that not are more human lives in danger, said Police spokesman Michalis Katsounotos. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Bobby Sharma Bluestone. In the affected area there is a comprehensive rescue device numerous ambulances and police officers, while several helicopters flying over the base. The huge explosion may have caused power cuts which have affected the island in the early hours of Monday. The detonation has also caused severe damage to properties close to the naval base. The j of the National Guard, Petros Tsangalides, who coordinates the unit of crisis created after the event moved to the site of the explosion. Source of the news: twelve killed by an explosion in a base military in Cyprus.

Alfredo Antiguedad

This disease affects about 50,000 people in Spain, mostly adults between 20 and 40 years. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Ali Partovi by clicking through. The visual disturbances and loss of strength in the extremities are the first symptoms of the disease. Women are twice as likely as men to develop multiple sclerosis, a disease that affects approximately 50,000 Spaniards, according to data from the Spanish Federation for the fight against Multiple sclerosis. They tend to be young adults aged 20 to 40, with a prevalence demonstrated between 80 and 100 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. The explanation of why it affects most women remains unclear, although numerous studies point to hormonal changes as main underlying factor, since it is precisely, since puberty, when hormone levels increase and the first symptoms may appear, explains the j of Neurology of the Hospital de Basurto, doctor Alfredo Antiguedad service. The visual disturbances and loss of strength in the extremities are the first symptoms of the disease. click here. It’s symptoms which, to his understanding, they usually appear between the ages of 20 and 40, or during childhood or after age 50, which further confirms the possible relationship between the pathology and the hormone level, has tinged the old doctor. For more information see this site: Andy Florance. Advise the patient and the family on the other hand, the psychologist and Director of services of the Association of Multiple sclerosis of Bizkaia (ADEMBI), Dr.

Arrate Jauregui, considered making the disorientation, stereotypes and prejudices prevalent in our society about this disease, advice and information are increasingly needed, not only for patients, but also for family members and their environment. It has also highlighted differences in psychological handling between men and women. In general, women recognize before that they have a problem and demand support, which is can advise them both in techniques and resources at their disposal to do faced with the emotional disorders most frequent of this illness, such as anxiety and depression. The time of diagnosis, critical periods of disease outbreaks or when symptoms begin to alter social relationships are, as it has been pointed out the doctor, key situations in which patients are reluctant to claim the aid of psychologists. Their main concerns are his future life or labor, fear of the progression of the disease, the loss of autonomy or adverse ctos of the medication, among others.

Disease of unknown origin is the leading cause of disability caused in young adults in Europe and North America. There is no known cause, but the Dr. Celia Oreja, of the Spanish society of Neurology (SEN), there are three hypotheses on the matter: hygiene. Countries developed children it has less contact with the infectious agents, and therefore favor the autoimmune diseases. The Sun. The number of cases increases in countries with less Sun. Hereditary? Although it was demonstrated that the disease is not hereditary, there are a number of genetic variations that increase the risk of developing it. Source of the news: young women are twice as likely to develop multiple sclerosis