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The issue most important to that posed to the researchers and scholars of this topic fascinating, is the relationship of magic with religion; determine feature magical phenomena and religious, so that both can be categorized properly. Scholar English Frazer (born on January 1, 1853), contributor to publications in Ethnography, history and anthropology, both England and France; to distinguish the magic of religion proposes two criteria: to – magical rites of sympathetic character, and b – acting under duress; While the religious rite that work by worship and conciliation, the magical rites have immediate mechanical action and religious an indirect effect and work by a kind of respectful persuasion. Your agent is a spiritual intermediary. Religion means, belief in supernatural beings who govern and direct the world and by the prayers and rites attempts to win his will. All this indicates that the course of nature It is, to some extent, elastic and variable, and that man can alter it imploring the aid of supraterrenales powers. This elasticity or variability of nature, is completely contrary to the basic principles of magic and science; because both assume that natural processes are rigid and unchanged, impossible to be loony or by persuasion nor by the threat. The opposition between these two ways of considering the universe, is founded on the following question: do the forces that govern the world, are personal and conscious or unconscious, impersonal?. As a conclusion of the supernatural powers, religion means first, since all conciliation means that the being to whom the action is directed is a conscious, personal, agent whose way of acting is somewhat uncertain, and that can be induced to change in the desired direction, by supplication and prayer.

Reconciliation cannot be used never to inanimate beings (those which are involved in magic), nor with the relationship to people whose behaviour is fully determined and cannot be changed under any circumstances.The opposition of religion and magic is, in this view, irreducible, since religion assumes an arbitrary direct power, and the magic the submission of passions and whims or immutable laws acting mechanically. It is true that magic many times refers to spirits, who are also personal agents, of the same class in which they put into play the religion; but the magic treated them in the same way that inanimate agents, i.e., forcing them and forcing them instead of getting his benevolence by prayer and supplication. This means that all beings, whether human or divine, are subject to those impersonal forces, which recorded the progress of things and that can be used by those who know how to manipulate them in the assistance of certain rites and ceremonies. Among the ancient Egyptians, the Magi sought to coerce, inclusive, the divinities more important, threatening them with the destruction if they did not obey. I invite you to visit the Digital Library of where you will find articles of quality checked for your personal and spiritual development: health, sports, entertainment, computing, languages, labour output and more.


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