Healthy Sleep Is No Accident

mattresses makes a special contribution for a better night’s sleep of close in terms of sleep health, the March 24, 2009 – healthy sleep is usually not a gift, but can be influenced by anyone, even at least to a large extent. Experts such as orthopedists are multi-disciplinary and sleep researcher come to believe that the right combination of slatted frame, mattress and pillow is essential for a healthy and restful sleep. Whether it should be mattress at the mattress a cold foam, comfort or Visco -, depends on the individual sleeping habits of each. When the right pillow, however experts give a clear recommendation: a rectangular neck pillow that provides optimum support function the head, while the shoulders relaxed on top of the mattress is to be placed is cheap. The right pillow ensures a straight spine and ensures an ergonomic sleeping position can wake up from the sleeper without painful muscle tension. Thick, square Feather pillows, in which the head sinks, should be in every bed the past! For this reason mattresses launches a very special – limited – action: when buying a new mattress, each customer receives an ergonomic foam pillows worth 29 euro for only 1 euro.

This offer not only ensures an ergonomic sleeping position, but relaxed the wallet at the same time. How important it is, sensibly and to be able to sleep through when most people unfortunately only realize they’ve counted sheep at night for hours in vain. Restful sleep provides not only for the capacity on the next day, but also promotes intelligence and creativity. Permanently sleepless nights, however, demonstrably lead to health complaints. Studies have shown that chronic sleep deprivation can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes, or mood swings – up to depression -. Learn more at: Andy Florance.

Also, that overtired by everybody Working day torment, not only less efficiently than their well-rested counterparts – worse still: who handled exhaustion with machines or participates in road transport, represents a danger to himself and his environment. Study results that say are all the more worrying that insomnia for a large part of the population represent a growing problem. The estimates of how many people are rolling over at night sleepless, diverge. The head of the renowned Center, Prof. Jurgen Zulley, in his sleep study found out that over six percent of population with chronic insomnia must grapple. The sleep researcher Dieter Riemann of the University of Freiburg is even assuming, in Germany- and sleep disorders suffer from that 15 percent of people. The number of unreported cases is expected but still significantly higher, because not everyone looks on with his sleep problems equal to a doctor. This must be remedied. Restful sleep is not a luxury, but a Need. mattresses is aware of this fact and would like to turn a contribution to healthy sleep. In the context of time-limited action, where an ergonomic foam neck pillow is given almost offered the opportunity to be customers with a small purse for restful sleep. Healthy sleep must, at least if it to sow-mattresses-cheap goes, does not fail on the money. “Finally realized already Immanuel Kant: three things help to carry the many of life: hope, sleep and laugh.” About mattresses has located the task made it to make quality affordable. High quality mattresses and foam will be presented in the Web shop for an unbeatable price. The offer in the Web shop is kept deliberately manageable. It aims, Sau-cheap to offer attractive offers the customer and beneficial to withdraw out of the confusing jungle of mattresses.

Robert Koch

The biggest fear of the practice owner and the hygiene officer is immter I can pour soap and disinfectants. s. Again and again I encounter introduction at the practice inspections in the framework of the QM the same question. The biggest fear of the practice owner and the hygiene officer is immter I can pour soap and disinfectants. The answer is Yes, because there is only a recommendation of RKIs, there is no legislation prohibiting it. Read here what you must meet for it to continue to perform the transfer to. May hands – and disinfectant from bulk containers in smaller bottles be decanted? With hand Sanitizer the requirement is freedom from pathogenic germs for the manufacturer shall ensure that however is guaranteed during the transfer from 5 L canisters in smaller containers in doctor and dentist practices only in compliance with hygienic rules freedom of spores and wash lotions. Similar to the hand disinfectant must also the skin disinfectant for the transfer by the user the spores freedom be guaranteed.

From the hygienic point of view, therefore the Robert Koch-Institut (RKI) in the directive recommends the use of one time cylinder: 2.3 Prevention of contamination of environment implementation of measures of hand hygiene, washing lotions…The use of single time cylinders is recommended because the recycling and refilling with contamination risks associated. Disinfectant-emptied bottles of hand disinfectant may be refilled on the basis of the medicinal products act only under aseptic conditions in a hospital pharmacy. Therefore the use of one time cylinder advisable here, too.” The RKI recommendation to prefer one time containers! Product liability: By filling to extinguishes the liability of the marketing authorisation and shall be transferred to the bottler (doctor). It is however by no means drug legally inadmissible (and is practiced to a large extent), in particular disinfectant out To pour large containers in small containers, if the necessary requirements are met (s. u.).

Since it is at hand and skin disinfectant drugs, falls transfer medicinal products legally within the definition of drug manufacturing ( 4 para 14 AMG). As far as the user fills around such as the disinfectant from a large package in a smaller donor container for his own use, lacking the construed of the disposal of to others. Because according to the legal definition of 13 ABS. 1 S. 3 AMG a disposal of to others exists, if the person who manufactures the drug, is different than that which it applies. When his staff applies the product filled to within the sphere of influence of the user under whose responsibility, no disposal of to others exists because the practice owner has the exclusive ownership of the drugs. As a result, the filling from bulk containers in dispenser containers is medicinal products legally allowed so also in the medical and dental practice. However several are observed hygienic rules: the refill process may be carried out only by trained personnel and shall be documented. First is the dispenser container to drain completely. Then the dispenser containers before again filling must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. For this purpose, it is advisable to rinse the system several times thoroughly with hot water. With hand Sanitizer can be washed with the product itself. After filling around by hand, skin disinfectants and washing lotions have the batch number and the expiration date of the canister to the newly filled container transferred. The application period is in addition to specify.

Emotional Challenge

Who has his partner or family membership, Member to maintain and provide must pay attention also to the own health and self care. Caring for a family member there come most unexpectedly, the blue out of. Filed under: Andy Florance. The partner you love estimates, with whom one has lived the last years or even decades is ill at one time. Depending on the disease brings many things to change in the life. On their own and only right of the people who now relies on the help of others. Many questions arise.

Some way must be taken to adapt to the new situation on your own life situation. To a care service must be consulted, depending on the level of care that must be created with the MDK, which supplies the diseased. Possibly even different care appliances such as a bed and care materials must be requested and worried. A lot of things and processes change at the same time. And also people who are the partner or spouse to the caring and supplying nurses, change. Emergency care of relatives who maintains a people, has a corresponding task ahead of them. (As opposed to Andy Florance). A task that requires a lot of time and organization of one.

A challenge which also something with an itself. Know therefore, that now a member with which man has spent his life, now a itself is dependent, can one also “paralyze”. To fail in the sense of fear. The fear of doing something wrong, even completely wrong, can raise a so much under pressure that is sick man himself slowly. The psychological pressure can go so far, that is man, for example, depressed. Responsibility, to take over the care for a loved one is very large and changed itself. You’re helpless for a long time as an internal state of emergency and thereby also. Ambulatory care services and hospitals offer care courses.

Chiemsee Lake

The health specialists from the Chiemsee Lake extend its offer. Follow others, such as Kai-Fu Lee, and add to your knowledge base. Our health and improving the quality of life at the front ranks of the search queries of citizens on the Internet. Although we are equipped with a universal health care system and have potential access to countless opportunities in the fields of medicine, wellness or prevention. But many people want not only to medical and therapeutic regulations and opinions or prescribed standard methods rely, but their health and well-being even pre-emptively or in case of acute also independently add support. That in the meantime preference is given to the so-called soft measures and naturopathic practices in medicine, show numerous studies and market research results.

This also applies to the receipt of youthfulness and beauty within the meaning of the own discretion as responsible citizens and citizens do not want plastic surgery most people, even if the aesthetic surgery performed Intervention increases. The latter reason especially that in our fast-moving times, many people want to see rapid and dramatic results. But the majority of health-conscious and aesthetically-oriented people prefer natural and long-term and effective ways, the effectiveness of which is scientifically confirmed. Use the power of nature this motto of ChironMed is implemented consistently and with products offered exclusively in the German-speaking part. Looking to strengthen the health and well-being of Internet users is slain today literally”. Because offering regulates the demand or is it vice-versa? Anyway: ChironMed, an advisory capacity since 1999, stands for competence, expertise and advice and offers only products and nutritional supplements that are seldom available in the form of this quality. In addition, ChironMed offers health care products which are known to date only to insiders, even if their effectiveness and safety science is has been proven, but have not been widely published. Because unlike pure resellers ChironMed team works every day intensively both complementary medical as well as from active practice clinics in the areas of pain and treating chronic and fatal diseases in Germany the leading with one and only special products of some less manufacturer offered, have proved in fact significantly also in the medical practice.

Heike Seewald

Under, you can find more info and contact with the practice of occupational therapy, design & art. The new practice is located in the Karlsruhe Forest City. It was the goal by Heike Seewald to be closer to nature with the premises. The Beuthenerstrasse out is just a 10-minute walk from a lake. Me it was important with my practice out of the city to come. “says Heike Seewald, the new practice offers a much more relaxed environment for my patients. Frequently Samsung Electronics has said that publicly. This affects also the success of the therapy.

However, the practice also with public transport is very easy to reach. The city centre is only 15 minutes by tram. The rooms have to offer much more than the old practice rooms. Overall, the practice has two therapy rooms. It is very beneficial, that is in the new practice space for a separate waiting room. So, patients in a relaxing atmosphere can wait if you a therapy session is not yet finished. A friendly atmosphere in which my patients feel comfortable, is very important to me,”Heike Seewald says. The practice of occupational therapy should be a place of rest.

The focus of the practice is on treating mentally functional. The practice Seewald accompanied people’s everyday life, elaborated objectives in professional and daily life or family as an outpatient and will help to integrate them and continue to work. Heike Seewald sees as a link between that adapt to the bright, light-flooded rooms particularly well in the concept. The team includes two new colleagues will grow with the new premises. The move to the forest city will take place at the turn of the year.

Ursula Reimers

You are looking for on me and my clinic team rather than for reasons of cost, because they expect a favorable treatment, but due to our reputation, the experience and the years of qualification in the field of plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. Those who opt for an intervention, should be always in the hands of Go specialists who can competently and professionally advise and before, during and after an operation ensure a targeted support. Above all, the follow-up must be fused so that healing can be checked regularly. It’s important that the patient on the spot and the follow-up can be discussed together. Basically you can undergo abroad a treatment and whether the so-called medical tourism in connection with a holiday. Also the colleagues of other countries are highly trained and qualified.

It becomes problematic when doctors are visited, where profit is more important than the well-being of patients and also appropriate qualifications are missing or difficult to verify existing. But that can happen anywhere in the world. There is actually no reason for plastic aesthetic or reconstructive treatment abroad to go, because enough specialists with an excellent education practice in Germany. Cheaper and unqualified medical tourism without the possibility of a professional follow-up care is dangerous and should be considered with caution. “Prof. Dr.

med.” Dennis of Heimburg specialist Kaiser, Frankfurt only through representative surveys we get for plastic and aesthetic surgery and hand surgery clinic valuable information about patients in aesthetic plastic surgery. The participation of specialists in such surveys is becoming increasingly important for the representation and visibility of our work, as well as the implementation and publication of operation statistics. “Dr. med. Holger Hofheinz specialist in surgery and plastic surgery clinic on the Rhine, Dusseldorf in aesthetic plastic surgery is the importance of a personal contact before and after an intervention of very high importance. This point is interventions abroad not really in my opinion. Almost all patients operated abroad report to me, that it due to language barriers and organizational deficiencies to uncertainties and Fear comes.

Coliquio – Annual Review 2009

(Not only) in the shadow of swine flu Constance a year the independent physician network coliquio looks back on a successful year 2009: the number of users is increased on over 17,500 medical doctors and doctors of all disciplines, making the number and the technical level of contributions have continued to. Always faster, ladies and gentlemen, get answers to your medical questions and the application could be significantly facilitated by personalization home page. The topics relevant to the individual users and news are represented now collected in a personal information cockpit. The top theme 2009 on coliquio was the pandemic (H1N1), better known as swine flu. In 24 different discussion threads with 875 text contributions doctors exchanged their brand-new experience of flu diagnosis, therapy and immunisation. The coliquio editorial staff supported this with a graphical preparation of discussion (argument map), the complex interrelationships easily comprehensible and easily harnesses for the practice. But this was by far not the only theme of the year. In many hundred further contributions, discussed the rege coliquio doctors community practical medical questions and shared her valuable knowledge.

For example, the moving case of a what mother with acute respiratory failure resulted in October for enigmatic disease for overwhelming willingness of colleagues of all disciplines who contributed with their tips to shed more light on the mysterious case. Next to it were on coliquio also business (E.g. leadership) and professional issues (E.g. the hopes associated with the new Health Minister, Phillip Rosler) discussed. Coliquio: Coliquio is one of the most active networks of expert doctors in Europe and has more than 17,500 members. coliquio is free and independent and stands for the targeted and quick exchange of individual, medical knowledge. Every day, thousands of doctors to experiences, observations, Exchange and Findings from the immediate medical practice in the form of contributions, comments, questions, and answers from.

The knowledge existing in the coliquio community, distributed over thousands of members is bundled, visible, and thus usable made. Thus arises a cutting-edge knowledge, increases quality and patient safety in health care. Exchange of experience is supported by medical articles and media that coliquio put together by means of intelligent search algorithms from the Internet. The award-winning coliquio CIRS supports hospitals by the anonymous collection of critical incidents in the optimization of clinical quality and risk management. Press contact: Felix Rademacher Schutzenstrasse 1 78462 Konstanz, Germany’s coliquio GmbH press .aet phone: + 49 (0) 7531 / 36 39 39-0 fax: + 49 (0) 7531 / 36 39 39-9