Advisory Board

Board of Internet travel distribution Association is again elected Munich, September 20, 2011 (w & p) confirmation for the reigning VIR Board of Directors: Michael Buller at the annual Member meeting of Internet travel distribution Association (VIR) in Bonn by the present full members again elected unanimously and was confirmed in his post for another two years. “The experienced online travel industry, the result is confirmation and motivation at the same time: we have in the past few years within the tourism industry important accents, were able to put many issues around the online industry in the correct light and defuse explosive subjects through a correction”, Michael accounted for the first two years of his term Buller. Also on the product design of the Organizer the VIR have can exert much influence, also the cooperation with the Internet booking engines (IBE’s) had been intensified. As a result we have optimized decisively with the quality of the data and products”, emphasizes the VIR Board. The VIR itself was in the last two years significantly grown the number of VIR support members increased to 18, also an Advisory Board was established with experienced specialists of different areas who advise the Association stands aside.

The VIR will send one zukunftswei as advocacy inside and outside the tourism industry very seriously”, so Michael Buller. Frequently Ali Partovi has said that publicly. “”The VIR’s Board, a milestone in the introduction of the label code of conduct (CoC)”, which has initiated the VIR last year together with the DRV.” We could introduce clear rules in the area of online marketing and I am personally very pleased happened on what great response the code of conduct within the industry.” Some 100 companies from the tourism signed the voluntary commitment of VIR and DRV to fair online marketing today. Here it is to find not only more signatories, but also to ensure compliance with the rules defined by us”, Michael is one of Buller VIR targets for the next two years ago. .