The Mini Cooper

Go-kart-like being served perfectly dynamically oriented driver. The chassis is taut, the geometry by short wheelbase and wide track pappt the mini firmly on the ground. The Mini Cooper D is almost nothing from the rest. The steering is tight and precise, the six gears of the gearbox can be crisp. No matter whether dry or snow-covered road, the mini driver robs man won’t smile. Cher Wang has many thoughts on the issue. Price / welding driver only when looking at the price list. The Mini Cooper D is 21.490 euros.

For this you get front, side and curtain airbags, stability control, electric Windows, Central locking with remote control, air conditioning, CD / radio and 15-inch alloy wheels supplied. One raging a bit in the option list and the Austrian chili takes package with multi-function leather steering wheel, sport seats, storage package, fog lights, automatic climate control, light package and on-board computer and also 17-inch alloy wheels, Xenon headlights, Bluetooth hands-free and the mentioned green leather seats, it ends quickly at 28.312 euros in the case of our test car. The turbine if you can live with this pricing, must intensely worrying, whether he wants to access S not equal to the Mini Cooper. He is now not only through the air scoop on the hood and the centrally positioned twin pipe exhaust to recognize, but also by the large air intakes in the lower bumper area. The jewelry care but less than the performance. 184 HP are the powerful message, the the direct injection engine with twin-scroll turbocharger that delivers.

The Sprint from 0 to 100 km/h is done in seven seconds, top speed is 228 km/h. An aggressive is engine sound, which in turn led to the agile driving will be delivered to. Thus it is necessary also in the case of the Mini Cooper S with a higher consumption than the factory-specified 5.8 litres the average count. The 7.5 8 liters per 100 kilometers leave but not the hair. Price comparison with its performance and the beautifully tuned suspension of the Mini Cooper S is a fun bike par excellence and provides the evidence that athleticism doesn’t necessarily with rear-wheel drive must be connected, but also works quite well for a newcomer. 33.922 euro as our test car are the bottom line, may deter again something at first sight. It attracts the tested Mini Cooper D than the image again relativised. With additional decorative elements, rear spoiler, sport leather steering wheel and sport seats, the Cooper S is already standard better equipped and available from 24.790 euros. This package, leather seats, the dynamic traction control, a Harman/Kardon hi-fi system, the navigation system come on our test car even the Austrian chili business, Bluetooth and mini connected, and thus a high premium in a small car. Everyday issues whether Cooper S or Cooper D, on the suitability for everyday use the two models are similar. On the front seats, especially since it’s the sport versions, to find a good, deep seat position and enjoys good enough lateral support. The steep windshield and the roof drawn forward limit above (where are the traffic lights) significantly the view. Behind it sits is actually quite well, even for larger people. Condition is, however, that the front man takes enough legroom. The rear seatback can be changed with a handle to. Then remains a small step in the trunk floor, trunk volume grows to 680 litres but by originally scarce 160 liters. by Thomas Weibold,

Tips On Buying A Used Car

Five tips for buying a used car, the purchase of a new car can or want to only very few buyers afford. For the used car market is booming. Make sure buying a cheap car but does not become a nightmare, some tips should be followed. So the 1 car buying works) what are you doing there? There are many great car portals in Germany and also the supply of used cars is correspondingly broad. Therefore, it is important to set some guidelines before beginning the search, which provide for a narrowing of the range.

Fundamental points such as the automobile can be but also characteristics such as age, mileage or air conditioning are well suited to minimize the selection. (2) Private or not private often made the cheapest deals from private providers. This is the simple reason that they don’t have bought the car, to sell it profitably. In addition, they provide no guarantee. Who can live with it, which makes a bargain here often. If you are unsure it is however always, on the Car portals offered by commercial providers to look at and so prefer to pay somewhat more, but to have also a certain security in the back.

(3) Patience is important it always pays not to charge off and consider the next best offer. Who takes the time and compares the offered cars, which can quickly determine differences and receives a better overview of the market. A car in the shortlist, a visit is essential. (4) Many sellers are masters of the test drive is to make your car better than it is actually. This is perfectly normal behavior. Therefore, the statements which the seller makes, should be checked always. Here commercial and private providers take most anything. A test drive is a must, ideally also a second person, who is familiar with the technology. Helpful it is to drive a used car check and check to allow, whether everything is wrong with the car. (5) The contract of sale of commercial seller give a car only against a contract out and it is also important for the buyer. Private providers, this sometimes falls under the table. Here be sure to insist that a contract is completed to the bilateral security. There are sample contracts free of charge on the Internet. Without a contract, the potential buyer looks better from the processing and continues on the search.

Heavy Load Transports, The Logistical Masterpiece

The long-vehicle or the difference between a tandem for the football team, and a necessary solution for mammoth transports. Yes, exactly! The speech is of heavy transports be carried out preferably in the evening or at night, or during off-peak times on German roads. With a length of up to 23.60 m, with a width of up to 3 m and a gross vehicle weight of more than 40 t, heavy transports are a gigantic spectacle. Even goods that exceed these limits, can be carried across as transport from A to B by Germany. This impressed in addition to the remarkable performance of the driver of such transports, as the enormity of the goods to be transported. Huge published transformers, construction cranes and components for wind turbines affect years the viewer such as genetically engineered accessories from the popular Fisher-technology box of the 70s and 80s. But the huge or particularly heavy goods transport is not only on the streets a considerable challenge. Also within a company, it may be already tricky if, for example, a voluminous or loading of component must be carried by a Hall in the next.

But until a transport also internally, a company is possible, a bulwark of logistical, organizational and structural engineering excellence is not uncommon necessary, because with a stroller, so gigantic goods can be most difficult transport. At the beginning is always the question with what vehicle and this special challenge which equipment can be implemented in practice. A suitable towing vehicle is found, it must now analyze the required heavy duty trailer must meet the requirements. It is to comply with necessary safety provisions and to take into account the static conditions to meet specific additional requirements for the heavy load racks in practice delivers what it promises. A failure of the trailer during transport, could see Circumstances bring fatal consequences. Metal construction companies such as metal construction-Maas from Nordenham in the North Sea, specialise in the construction of individual transport systems and heavy load hanger and have grown the requirement to develop single special designs depending on the requests, to construct, and ultimately to make.

In doing so, the possibilities are almost endless and leave room for individuality. Flat cars, transport tables or special solutions such as the A cars for the transport of large components and metal sheets are implemented in Nordenham and found worldwide in use. After the metal construction company has sent the heavy duty trailer on the journey, the driver now takes over the sometimes the most important part of the overall company heavy”and shoehorned the precious cargo skillfully to curves and even through the eye of a needle. While he does not often so some feat. Probably, it is really easy to build a tandem even with 11 men and therefore across the country to cycle, as a heavy load of a Carry out the factory premises. Siegfried Maas GmbH Nordstrasse Lake 6 D-26954 Nordenham phone: + 49 (0) 4731-21264 fax: + 49 (0) 4731 23404 E-Mail: info(at) Web: Managing Director: Siegfried Maas, Stefan Maas